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This ultimate tip allows you to pay for your groceries much less

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In these times of inflation, many French people tend to tighten their belts. Many of them go hunting for low prices and are on the lookout for good deals. But is it possible to save money by taking advantage of the good deals offered by the big brands? The magazine60 million consumers wanted to find out for sure in a study which was carried out in 2022.

Spectacular results

Concretely, our colleagues carried out their shopping in supermarkets by examining the promotions of major brands spotted in catalogs or on the shelves, and adding discount coupons and refund offers.

Their observation is clear: they managed to considerably reduce their bill, without changing their consumption or shopping habits. On the other hand, they specify that they spent a lot of time researching these promotional offers.

In detail, and with regard to food purchases, the specialized media spent €430 in five weeks. Of this total, “we obtained €14 in immediate discount, put €13 in our kitty and passed €7 in discount vouchers printed by us”, assures 60 million consumers.

He was also able to benefit from €26 reimbursement on applications such as hopmium, Coupon Network and Quoty as well as on major brand sites. In total, a saving of €60 was made, or 15% of expenses.

The result is even more spectacular when it comes to non-food spending. By using the same strategy, and for €42 spent, our colleagues managed to save €23.80, or 56% of the bill.

This tactic therefore seems to be a winner, but we must accept to devote a lot of energy to achieving these savings. The ideal solution would therefore of course be for inflation to slow down, so that consumers are less concerned about their purchasing power.

As a reminder, we recently mentioned another tip for lowering the prices of your rentals on Airbnb. You can find out more by rereading our dedicated article here. For your part, are you already using these strategies to reduce your bill? Tell us in the comments.

What to remember:

  • The magazine 60 Millions de consommateurs tried to reduce its invoice thanks to a well-established strategy
  • The idea is to identify all promotions and benefit from reduction vouchers and reimbursement offers
  • Our colleagues were able to achieve this by through great savings

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