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This ultra-simple geek technique allows you to lower the price of a product online

Did you know that some online stores offer a little-known, but sometimes effective, technique to lower the price of their items on sale ?

Many people enjoy doing their shopping directly in store. This allows them to benefit from the opinion of staff rather than passing by through an online after-sales service, or a possible chatbot. On the other hand, this does not always guarantee the best prices on the products you are looking for. Because shopping online generally allows you to benefit from many advantages. In addition to saving you a trip to the store, where ;ugrave; you will get lost in the shelves for hours à searching for your product, purchasing on the Internet allows you to benefit from some promotions sometimes exclusive to the brand's website.

Some large brands notably practice a technique that is relatively widespread, but still very little known. The latter makes it possible to inflate or lower the prices of certain items online based on just a few parameters! This technique has been widely used. very commented in recent days on social networks and many Internet users have even questioned its legality. or even its truth. Indeed, a seemingly ordinary item can see its price rise or fall by around twenty euros depending on a well-hidden detail. on your device.

This ultra-simple geek technique allows you to lower the price of a product online

Explanation: when you visit a sales site, certain websites record your visits and in particular the items you view online. Thus, the various “cached” data are stored in the cache. on the website in question indicate that you have already look this or that pair of shoes, this or that high-tech product or this or that bag à hands or bag &agrav; back. This allows à some sites, like CDiscount for example, offer you a lower price when you hesitate to buy. leave the page or return to it.

Thus, we were able to see a 140x190cm mattress from Luxury Literie, usually sold à 149.90 euros, upgrade less than 140 euros in a few minutes. All you have to do is browse the site a little and come back  on the item page, to see a new button appear with the words "discover your personalized discount". A new price was then displayed, with around ten euros reduction.

This technique is not new and it is regularly practiced by certain well-known sales sites to catch up with hesitant consumers or about to abandon their purchase. Some also keep data related to their purchase. a possible Adblock activated; to modify the prices you are viewing as well as your location. If you want to get the best price on a product, it is strongly recommended that you purchase a product. to consult the latter by clearing the cached data of the site, or to use a VPN to check the prices displayed according to your location.

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