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This update will end Google Chrome tab anarchy

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For all those who are used to opening several tabs at the same time on Google Chrome, this future update will be a game-changer. Indeed, according to a publication on More precisely, the functionality would be called “Organize Tabs” and, in short, it would allow you to create groups of tabs so that they are organized into themes.

But that's not all. Indeed, the feature that Google is working on would include a form of automation, which would automatically organize open tabs.
“Apparently, one of the options of the new feature “Organize tabs” of Chrome will automatically create groups of tabs, after organizing the tabs into different groups, Chrome will allow you to rename them, this is what this option currently looks like in Canary”, writes the X account “@Leopeva64”, which shared this discovery. It is very likely that Google will rely on AI to automatically organize Google Chrome's tabs.

Multiple tabs will be better managed

At the moment, we do not know when this new Google Chrome feature will be deployed. And as no announcement has yet been made by Google, caution is advised. But in any case, the Mountain View firm takes a little inspiration from one of its competitors: Microsoft Edge, which is also based on Chromium technology. Indeed, this browser has already offered a way to group tabs for a while.

Otherwise, it should be noted that today, Google Chrome is already more comfortable for those who use multiple tabs. In fact, the firm has modified its browser so that it consumes fewer resources (and is more fluid) when the user has several tabs open.

Productivity gain

“Memory Saver mode frees up memory from tabs you're not currently using so that the active websites you're browsing have the smoothest experience possible. This is especially useful if you run other intensive applications, like editing family videos or playing games. All inactive tabs will be reloaded when you need them”, Google announced, in 2022.

In essence, in addition to being more fluid when you open several tabs, Google Chrome will also get a new feature to allow users to easily organize these tabs. All this should translate into a significant gain in productivity.

  • Google is reportedly preparing a new feature that organizes open tabs by automatically creating tab groups
  • < li>But for the moment, there has been no official announcement and we do not know when this new feature could land

  • In any case, by launching this functionality, Google would offer an equivalent groups of tabs that are already offered by Microsoft Edge
  • Combined with the memory saver, this new feature would allow those who have to work with several open tabs to gain productivity
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