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This very common object is strictly prohibited in Airbnbs, it is better to remain vigilant

Renting accommodation on Airbnb now requires being very vigilant about what you're looking for. This detail and we don't always think about it.

Over the years, Airbnb has established itself as a global marketplace. as a solution much appreciated by the French for finding temporary accommodation. Whether it's a business trip or a short vacation, it's often more pleasant to book an apartment on Airbnb instead. Unlike a hotel room. Especially since the site managers regularly ensure the smooth running of the stays and monitor user feedback to uncover suspicious rentals or those with bad feedback.

Prices can also vary a lot between Airbnb accommodation and its equivalent in a hotel. This is why more and more French people are favoring the Airbnb option rather than the older methods of accommodation.

However, the Airbnb company is far from being free of faults. The market Short-term rentals and the impact of this on life in seaside resorts, or in tourist areas, are a regular scourge. strongly highlighted to point out the famous platform. Transient population with little respect for residents, weakening of social bonds and artificial increase in the cost of housing are the direct result.

Many users of the platform also regularly complain about a lack of confidentiality. and inappropriate behavior on the part of rental managers. This is why the company decided to do so. to react and ban a very specific object, and one that is too often used. to spy on tenants using Airbnb.

This very common object is strictly prohibited in Airbnbs, it is better to remain vigilant

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Since April 30, 2024, it is now prohibited for Airbnb rental companies to have any type of cameras outside their home. inside the accommodation. Don't expect to cheat by installing a turned on webcam on a computer or tablet either! Until now, these devices could be placed in all rooms of a home (with the exception of bedrooms, toilets and bathrooms), &agrav; provided that their presence is indicated on the advertisement of the property. The cams & ras extr & éacute; gypsy in housing remain authorized & an amp; amp;#39; they are indeed sp & cifi & eacute; they are not located in an outdoor shower, sauna or jacuzzi type installation.

The company Airbnb specifies that these prohibitions are also effective for noise detectors. Tenants are therefore called upon to take care of themselves. Be very vigilant when they enter a home and must report any suspicious device. Owners just as much since if a rental company registered on the site does not respect these new rules, the site reserves the right to apply multiple sanctions which can go up to 100%. #39;à deleting the user's account.

It is not known if fines have already been issued. été inflicted in France since the platform's rule change. But we remember that last spring, two vacationers who rented a house. an Airbnb accommodation near Annecy (Haute-Savoie) had discovered a camera hidden in an alarm clock which was facing ;eacute; towards the shower. The affair ended this time at the end of the day. the gendarmerie.

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