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Those waiting for the Vision Pro 2 will have to be (very) patient

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Apple's first mixed reality product was highly anticipated and this year it finally arrived in the United States. As a reminder, the Vision Pro helmet is sold at a price of 3,499 euros, and it is currently only marketed in the Land of Uncle Sam. But rumors are already circulating about the next helmets of mixed reality that Apple could release.

However, if you are one of those waiting for the Vision Pro 2, in order to benefit from an improved version of the current model, know that you will probably have to show a lot of patience. Indeed, the Cupertino company would not be at all in a hurry to release the Vision Pro 2, for the moment. In any case, this is what is suggested by the latest newsletter from Mark Gurman, journalist at Bloomberg, who is one of the best informed sources on future Apple products.

< p>According to this newsletter, Apple's current roadmap does not foresee the release of a second generation of Vision Pro before the end of 2026. But, the good news is that Apple would still try to design a version more affordable version of the current model, which could be released before the Vision Pro 2. However, in order to offer this affordable version, Apple will first have to find a way to reduce costs.

An international launch coming soon ?

As we mentioned above, the Vision Pro is not yet officially available than in the United States. However, the firm is currently working on the international launch of this new product. And according to Gurman, Apple is preparing to launch its mixed reality headset on the Chinese market in the very near future.

Note in any case that Apple will face increasingly tough competition in this market. The Meta Group, one of its main competitors, is transforming the Meta Horizon OS operating system into a sort of Android equivalent for mixed reality.

< p>Indeed, Meta recently announced the availability of this operating system for third-party manufacturers. Lenovo and ASUS are already among its partners. In addition, Meta also wants to be more flexible than Apple, regarding the distribution of applications on this platform. He even invited Google to launch a mixed reality version of its Play Store on Meta Horizon OS.

Otherwise, it should also be remembered that in partnership with Google and Qualcomm, Samsung is working on a mixed reality product. And we should learn more about the software part of this project during the Google I/O conference which is scheduled for May.

  • Apple launched its first mixed reality headset, the Vision Pro
  • According to journalist Mark Gurman, the Vision Pro 2 would not be released before the end of 2026
  • Apple could nevertheless offer a more affordable headset in the meantime, if it finds a way to reduce costs
  • Meanwhile, Apple's competitors are increasingly numerous in the mixed reality market

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