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Three men died of overdose after “chemsex” evenings in Bordeaux: the origin of the drugs involved ?

Three men aged 44 years old 61 years old died from overdoses in March & Bordeaux. Investigations are underway.

What's happening next? Bordeaux ? Since the beginning of March, the police have observed several deaths apparently occurred in similar circumstances. À each time, the victims are men. À each time, there is talk of an overdose. And &agrav; Each time, it appears that the victims had sex while under drugs. If the investigations continue, BFMTV, which reports the facts, raises the possibility of that these deaths could have occurred at any time the occasion of “Chemsex” evenings. But what is it ? 

The practice was until now. quite recently rather confidential. The fatal road accident in which was involved The comedian Pierre Palmade, who occurred in February 2023, made it known to the general public. "Chemsex" is a portmanteau that combines the terms "chemical", i.e. "chemical" or "product", and "sex". In short, the practice consists of à having sex while under the influence of drugs. 

According to information from BFMTV, since partly confirmed by Le Figaro, the lifeless bodies of two men, & aged 44 and 47, were found on March 12 in an apartment in the Gironde capital. While the news channel reports that the deaths dated several days before the discovery, Le Figaro< /em> points to the fact that a quantity of "significant" drugs were on site. An investigation into the causes of death was carried out. opened and the prosecution orderedé the autopsy of the bodies as well as various analyses, notably toxicological.

A few days later, on the night of March 15 to 16, a third man, aged this time 61 years old, also found death by overdose &agrav; the outcome of an evening during which he appears to have had several sexual relations with men. A fourth man would, for his part, have succeeded in get out of it not without a trip to the emergency room where he was é admitted in a coma, also after an overdose. Investigators are now trying to shed light on the drug that could be used. the origin of these various deaths and, with it, its supply chain. 

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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