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The jury is still deliberating the fate of the former Canadian fashion mogul, who faces six sexual charges against five women. /p>

Three others women refused to sue Peter Nygard.

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Peter Nygard, who remains in custody awaiting sentencing, arrives at court in Toronto in a police cruiser on October 3, 2023. (File photo)

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The Crown at the criminal trial of Peter Nygard intended to call eight complainants in total, but three of them did not participate in the trial for reasons never revealed to date. Who are they? The start of the deliberations today allows us to tell part of their story.

Peter Nygard faced 11 sexual criminal charges in Ontario against eight women who accused him of assaulting them.

Warning : this text contains comments that may offend some readers.

The Crown had, however, decided to reduce the number of charges to six and that of the complainants to five, but without giving the reasons.

When During the pre-trial hearings, Mr. Golwalla also warned the court that he intended to call to the stand the trial a fourth woman who claims to have been raped by Peter Nygard in the Bahamas.

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Prosecutor Neville Golwalla never explained to the court his decision to no longer call the woman who claims she was attacked in the Bahamas. (File photo)

Justice Goldstein's decision regarding the Crown's motion regarding the admissibility of similar fact evidence in this case has been removed from a publication ban since the jury began its deliberations. /p>

These facts relate to these three former accusers and the fourth woman who has therefore never been heard. Their identity is always protected under the law.

During the winter of 2020-2021, the three complainants who withdrew filed a complaint with the police in light of allegations that first surfaced against Peter Nygard in the United States. p>

The Crown demonstrated in this trial that Peter Nygard always used the same modus operandi to lure his alleged victims to his former Toronto workshop by using pretexts .

According to the judge's decision, the first of the three women said she was assaulted in the workshop suite during a Halloween party in 1987.Open full screen

Peter Nygard's former headquarters in Toronto with the private apartments on the fifth floor. (Archive photo)

The woman told police she doesn't remember if she was invited but was disoriented when she found herself in the bedroom.

She claims that she woke up the next day and that Peter Nygard told her forbidden to leave. She believes he even locked the door to the room.

She alleges that she was then raped vaginally and anally before the accused let her go. She described Peter Nygard as a wild beast.

The second plaintiff also does not know Peter Nygard, but she claims she got a job interview with the businessman in late 2004 or early 2005.

She told police she was offered a drink when she arrived, said she felt nauseous and asked to go to the toilet. When she returned, she noticed that Peter Nygard was naked in front of her.

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Peter Nygard's bedroom on the fifth floor of his Toronto fashion studio, where two other women say they were raped. (Archive photo)

Peter Nygard then allegedly pushed her onto the bed and held her there by force to rape her . The woman told police a 17-year-old girl was in the room.

Complainant #2 claimed she was then taken to New York in the previous day's clothes. When she returned to the United States, she said she called her father to have him return home.

The The last of the three women was a model at the time of the alleged events, in 1986. She allegedly met Peter Nygard at a fashion show at the Toronto Convention Center.

He allegedly offered her a drink and introduced her as his girlfriend, as shown in the court document.

The woman alleges that she was then invited to a party at Peter Nygard's studio and that he had booked a room at a hotel for her and a Scandinavian woman visiting Toronto. p>Open in full screen mode

The Toronto provincial jail where Peter Nygard has been detained since his arrest in Manitoba and where he awaits the verdict at his trial. (File photo)

After the party, the woman returned to her hotel with the European. She maintains that Peter Nygard went there and asked to speak with the Scandinavian woman, who had hidden in the room.

Furious at not seeing her, Peter Nygard then allegedly pushed woman #3 onto the bed and forcefully attacked her before leaving the hotel.

She is the only one of the eight original plaintiffs who was not allegedly raped in the suite of the designer's workshop.

The fourth woman was never considered a complainant, but the Crown had suggested she would be a prosecution witness at Peter Nygard's trial.

This former student, who was a store clerk, claims she met Peter Nygard in 1995.

She allegedly had the idea of ​​selling novelty items of a sexual nature in gift boxes. She wanted to work in the Caribbean, but she needed a line of credit to make her project profitable.

According to the Crown, she would have found Peter Nygard's address and sent him a letter with his photo.

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The island where Peter Nygard lived for about 40 years in the Bahamas. (Archive photo)

Two weeks later, Peter Nygard called her back and asked her to come to his workshop. The woman would have seen it as a business opportunity.

The two people then met and ended up in the private suite after a tour by the owner.

The woman allegedly asked him to use the toilet. When he returned, Peter Nygard allegedly lowered his pants to his knees to show him his penis.

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Peter Nygard at his former residence in the Bahamas on an undetermined date. (File photo)

The woman allegedly told him she did not want to have sex. Peter Nygard then got dressed again without getting angry.

She told police in 1998 that she had gone to the Bahamas on the 17th December 1995 to see it again.

She claims that she was attacked four times at the designer's residence and that she asked him to return to Toronto earlier than expected.

Upon her return to the country on December 28, 1995, this woman reportedly went to Women's College Hospital to be tested for bleeding in her chest. anus.

She then allegedly confessed to nurses that she had been raped in the Bahamas.

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