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Tick ​​tock… The best Emma offers end tonight! (up to-50%)

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With premium mattresses made in France at ridiculously low prices compared to the competition, Emma has managed to knock out the competition in a few years. This is how it became the essential bedding brand in France.

If you want to sleep better, now is a good time to change your bedding. French Days are back! , even more interesting than Black Friday. You won't find more interesting right now. By subscribing to the Emma newsletter, you benefit from an additional 10% discount to lower the price of your basket even further. Take advantage of it before tonight!

Emma: her 2 best mattresses are at bargain prices

Emma offers mattresses two to three times cheaper than its competitors, but the quality is there. Emma mattresses are made in France and are acclaimed for their quality. Low prices are justified by the absence of fixed costs, which allows the brand to reduce its expenses. But Emma does everything in place to reassure you. If its mattresses are exclusively available online, you have a 100-night trial to ensure you have chosen the right mattress. If you are dissatisfied, you can return it free of charge and be refunded immediately.

Among all the mattresses that Emma offers, the Original and Hybrid mattresses are the most popular with consumers. This is not without reason. Very recently, Emma unveiled a new generation of her best-seller. The Original II mattress has several layers and three special foams, including one with memory foam. Thanks to its many layers and technologies, the Emma Original II mattress adapts to the shape of your body perfectly, keeps your spine aligned and offers you adapted support in the right places. Whatever your sleeping position.

Tick ​​tock… The best Emma offers end tonight! (up to-50%)

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Featuring high-quality steel pocket springs in the central layer (Edge-to-Edge technology) guarantees you a durable mattress that maximizes air circulation and limits the accumulation of moisture and dust. With the Original II mattress, forget about waking up in sweats.

You only have a few hours left to benefit from the best Emma offers. thanks to an immediate 20% discount and an additional 10% discount for any subscription to the Emma newsletter. It's now or never!

You want an even more premium mattress? The Emma Hybrid II mattress is made for you. Ranked No. 1 “Best Mattress” in France in 2024 by the main comparators publishing their rankings online, the Hybrid II is spectacular. The brand concentrates all its know-how there to offer you truly restful and soothing nights.

Tick ​​tock… The best Emma offers end tonight! (up to-50%)

Hybrid II © Emma

The Emma Hybrid II mattress is made up of four layers developed by sleep experts and is based on memory foam, HRX foam and Edge-to-Edge pocket spring technology so that the mattress immediately adapts to your body shape, offers you firm support, allows your body to breathe and ideally distributes pressure. Its 25 centimeters thick guarantee deeply restorative nights.

Tick ​​tock… Time is running out! For a few more days, the Emma Hybrid II mattress (140 x 190 cm) is available thanks to an unprecedented 40% discount and an additional 10% reduction by subscribing to the newsletter. So, . It would be truly regrettable to miss out on this opportunity. Hurry!

In addition to the 100 night trial, Emma mattresses are guaranteed for 10 years. So, you are making a long-term choice. Enough to easily amortize this expense. Finally, delivery is free and it is even possible to pay in several installments without fees.

-1124€ on the best Emma bedding set

As is often the case, the best deals are on “bulk” purchases. To sleep better, a good mattress is essential but that is not everything. Indeed, restful nights also, and above all, require entirely quality bedding. Good news: Emma’s Nuit Calme set benefits from a 50% discount for a few more hours. You can take advantage of an additional 10% discount to save 1167 euros on this complete pack and really sleep better.

Emma's Calm Night set includes an Emma Select bed, voted Product of the Year 2023, an Emma Hybrid II mattress, two Nuage Elite pillows, a Nuage Hiver Emma duvet and a bedding set 100% Cotton Satin. Measuring 140 x 190 cm, . You won't find better anywhere else, believe us…

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