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To eliminate the competition, this operator draws a stunning mobile plan

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With more and more offers on mobile plans, it is sometimes difficult to find the one that best meets your needs. Luckily, some operators stand out from traditional packages by offering flexible packages, which automatically adapt according to everyone's needs. This is for example the case of Prixtel which stands out from its competitors with its scalable packages.

For a limited time, Prixtel allows you to subscribe to its . For telephone services, you have unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France, but also from European Union countries and overseas departments. If you have to travel, the Le Grand package from Prixtel allows you to benefit from 15 GB, which can always be used from the EU and the French Overseas Territories.

To take advantage of the Prixtel Le grand package, it's here:

In short, for a starting price of 9.99 euros, you have a package that will meet all your needs, whether in France or abroad. Without commitment, you can cancel at the slightest annoyance, without having to justify yourself or give notice.

For the rest, the SIM card is charged 10 euros which must be paid when you register. If you have a compatible mobile, Prixtel also gives you the option of opting for an eSIM card, always for 10 euros.

Packages that adapt, on the SFR network

The advantage of Prixtel mobile plans is the great flexibility they offer to their subscribers. Rather than being satisfied with a fixed price with a fixed data envelope, the operator allows them to call on an additional quantity if necessary. This is much more advantageous than the packages offered by other operators, which are sometimes oversized or, on the contrary, not enough to finish the month.

In the case of the Le grand package, for the base price of 8.99 euros, you can use up to 130 GB of internet. If you pass this threshold and use up to 150 GB, its price increases to 11.99 euros. Finally, up to 170 GB, you will be billed 13.99 euros. All this automatically, without having to intervene on your package. Every month, Prixtel adjusts your bill and makes you pay the fair price based on your consumption. In the end, these are great savings that you make in the long term.

Property of the Altice group since summer 2021, Prixtel is a virtual operator based in Aix-en-Provence. As a result, the packages it offers are based on the SFR network (also owned by Altice). In other words, by taking a package from them, you will benefit from the same quality and network coverage as the subscribers of the operator in the red square (reputed to be excellent).

Also, its customer service being 100% dematerialized, you will not have access to in-store advisors since the latter does not have any. However, you will be able to consult your invoices, modify or cancel your offer, request help from customer service, from its website, or through its mobile application. In terms of comfort, there's nothing better, since you don't have to go to the store and can manage everything from your home.

If you want to keep your phone number or get a new one, it's entirely possible. Prixtel gives you this choice when you register. The MNVO also offers, capable of adapting to all profiles. You can find them on its website, and discover the services included as well as their respective prices.

That said, don't wait too long since the offers are not intended to remain available indefinitely, and their prices could be revised upwards at any time. With an approach different from that of traditional market operators, Prixtel allows its subscribers to pay for their package at the fairest price, and in the end, everyone wins.

To see all the Prixtel offers, click here:

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