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To make (real) savings, this package 2x cheaper than its rivals is madness

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Prixtel currently offers its . Without commitment and flexible, the latter allows you to benefit from unlimited calls, SMS, MMS, as well as 15 GB abroad. As a reminder or for information purposes, Prixtel uses the antennas of the SFR network.

In other words, by opting for a package with them, you benefit from the same quality and network coverage of the operator in the red square. For a basic price of 8.99 euros per month, you therefore have a comfortable amount of internet of 40 GB. Knowing that a French person uses on average between 15 GB and 20 GB per month, this should be more than sufficient and leaves you plenty of room for maneuver for the years to come.

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Also, the other advantage of Prixtel's Oxygène mobile plan is that it is flexible. In other words, it allows you to benefit from an additional extension of mobile data if necessary. As a result, it automatically adapts to your habits and can be considered as a 3-in-1 package .

In comparison, traditional mobile plans do not offer such flexibility. These allow you to obtain a quantity of internet for a fixed price every month. Whether you use the entire dedicated envelope or only half, you ultimately always pay the same price.

How does the Prixtel Oxygen package work

In detail, the Prixtel package allows you to benefit from 40 GB for 8.99 euros per month. As we said, you can get more mobile data when needed. So, you can go up to 60 GB for 10.99 euros. Finally, the last tranche grants 80 GB for 12.99 euros. Please note that you do not have to do anything when you move from one level to another. Prixtel takes care of adjusting your bill according to the amount of internet you used during the current month.

To make (real) savings, this package 2x cheaper than its rivals is madness

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In this way, you have a flexible package that can adapt to your consumption. It’s very practical and saves you from often having to change your offer. As you can see, for an extra 2 euros, the operator gives you an extra 20 GB when you move from one level to another.< /p>

In terms of gigabyte price ratio, Prixtel is also 2x cheaper than the competition. At B&You and Sosh for example, a 20 GB package costs 9.99 euros per month. With the Oxygen package you have 40 GB basic for only 8.99 euros. It is also important to point out that you will not have access to advisors in physical stores since Prixtel is a virtual operator.

This means that at home, everything is controlled from the internet or from its mobile application. In your subscriber area, you can track your consumption, view your invoices or even add/delete options. Customer service is known to be reliable and responsive. If necessary, you can request assistance at times that are also much more flexible than those found with traditional operators.

Varied options for everyone

In addition to its Oxygène package, Prixtel also offers other packages that allow you to get more or less internet every month. The latter use the same principle as explained previously. If you want to go with a mobile plan offering more than 100 GB, Le grand is certainly the wisest choice you can make. This is offered from 11.99 euros per month with 130 GB basic. The other two extensions allow you to increase up to 190 GB for 17.99 euros per month.

And you have the same telephone services as well as 15 GB usable from the EU and the French Overseas Territories. Whatever package you take, the triple-cut SIM card, compatible with all phones on the market, has a single price of 10 euros. It is also possible to opt for an eSIM card by choosing the model of your compatible smartphone.

Finally, if you come from another operator, you can keep your current number by providing your RIO code. This is obtained by calling 3179 from your current line (free call). Prixtel will also take care of canceling your old package if necessary. In short, subscribing to a mobile plan with Prixtel is ultra simple and only takes a few minutes. With a different approach, it will allow you to make significant savings on this expense item.

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