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Toulon: he dies when hit by a car in front of a nightclub, a deliberate act ?

A pedestrian was killed. youé this Wednesday morning à Toulon, hit by a vehicle. A flagrant investigation into attempted murder and murder was launched. opened.

This Wednesday morning around 5:30 a.m., a pedestrian died. after having been é hit by a car in front of Toulon station (Var). A second man, seriously injured, was killed. supported by the rescue and transport services &agrav; the hospital according to information from Var Matin. The facts would have occurred à the exit of a nightclub, boulevard Pierre Toesca. In total, seventeen firefighters were dispatched. mobilized on the intervention. A flagrant investigation into attempted assassination and murder was launched. open.

A 20-year-old man arrested

According to information from Le Parisien, a motorist would have voluntarily driven into the road. on a group with his car, killing a 38-year-old man. A second, raised pedestrian A 33-year-old man was seriously injured, and a third was slightly injured. Information confirmed by the prosecutor of the Republic of Toulon, Samuel Finielz. A dispute à inside the gay nightclub "Boy's Paradise" would be à the origin of the drama. For now, the trail of a homophobic crime has been ruled out, says Le Parisien.

If à When emergency services arrived, the car had hit the vehicle. The pedestrians were no longer there, the suspect, a 20-year-old man, was able to be arrested. quickly in front of his home, located in the town of Six-Fours-les-Plages according to Le Parisien. A witness to the scene arrived. &agrav; take the license plate of his vehicle after he fled. 

Psychological support

The young suspect first tried to kill him. to run over a group of pedestrians who managed to reach their destination. move aside. After stopping, the driver of the vehicle allegedly reversed and deliberately hit the vehicle. the same group, "cornerçtwo people under the car" reports Le Parisien. Extremely shocked, three people present on site at the time of the accident were killed. transported to a hospital center for psychological treatment. 

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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