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Toulon - Toulouse: in a match with twists and turns, Toulon overthrows the French champion!

In this gala poster for the 21st day of Top 14, RC Toulon won. (20-19) after a match twists and turns against Stade Toulousain. The Varois take a big step towards the final phase despite being defeated. a red card from Brian Alainu'uese before the break for a high tackle.

Toulon - Toulouse: in a match with twists and turns, Toulon overthrows the French champion!

Toulon 20: 19 < img alt = "score toulouse" src = "https://img-4.linternaute.com/4beuy3mxfahrl74dmndcmfx0=/450x/smart/e32c51942fcc4be6b6f7a3ae73f5c42f/ccmcms- 98.png " /> Toulouse Live

END OF LIVE! Despite; This short defeat, Toulouse leaves with the defensive bonus point and remains second in the Top 14, with four points ahead of Racing 92, third.

23:30 – The summaryé of the match

A shock à multiple twists and turns. Face &agrav; a largely redesigned Stade Toulousain, the RCT faced the reigning French champion at the Stade Vélodrome in Marseille. A gala poster which started the event &agrav; the eighth minute of play with a try from Lucas Tauzin in the right corner of the in-goal, not converted; by Thomas Ramos, author of his first failure. À home or almost, the Varois rangé the revolt through Leicester Faingaanuku, author of a superb try to allow the RCT to lead in the quarter of an hour of play ( 7-5, 15th). Ramos and Jaminet respond to each other's feet (21st and 28th minute) before the game of the match. Before half-time, Brian Alainu&uese is sent off for a high tackle with a dangeré éhighé and without extenuating circumstances. The second line lefté his teammates in inferiority Numbers for the second half before a penalty. from behind Toulouse (10-11, 39th), allowing the visitors to take the lead.

Returning from the locker room, Charles Ollivon's teammates did not give up and dominated the Toulouse team, lacking success with two missed touches at the foot. Nothing more was needed! Melvyn Jaminet to continue his flawless performance (13-11, 53rd). À At the hour mark, Leicester  Faingaanuku &eac;escaped   several Toulouse tackles and resisted the opponents' returns to score the RCT's second try, transformed into a goalkeeper. (20-11, 60th). Ramos keeps his hopes alive (20-14, 63rd) before a powerful try from Merkler (20-19th). The back of Stade Toulousain suffered a third failure in this clash and completed the mark of this poster, won by Toulon. Despite After this short defeat, Ugo Mola's players remain second in the Top 14 and will challenge Racing 92 next week. For its part, Toulon will go to Paris. La Rochelle, another contender for the Top 6.

23:25 – Program for the 22nd day

Stade Toulousain will host Racing 92 in a summit match next week, while Toulon will travel to another contender for the title. the final phase, La Rochelle.

23:20 – À a transformation

For the first time this season, Thomas Ramos suffered three foot failures. After Merkler's test à In the 74th minute, the back crossed too much. his attempt, allowing the Toulonnais to maintain the advantage in the score.

23:15 – Third success consecutive

By winning this evening against Toulouse, the RCT won its third victory in a row& ;eaccomplished in Top 14 after Montpellier and a trip to France Anoeta to face Aviron Bayonnais. This shape allows them to stay à fourth place in the Top 14. 

23:10 – Flament: "Frustration&quot ;

Thibaud Flament at the microphone of Canal+: "There is a lot of frustration at the end. We really don't go far. I think we put in the ingredients to produce a result. We got off to a very good start. It’s played à some inaccuracies, some details. We gave ourselves a chance. the means to win the means, it is not past; today. We are disappointed. We didn't want to fall into this false rhythm. We fellé inside in the end. We took points, they came back and took off."

23:05 – Serin: "Know win lousy"

Baptiste Serin at the microphone of Canal+: "You have to know how to win lousy. This evening, we haven't been there yet. flamboyant, far from it. I think Toulouse would have deserved to win. victory a little more than us at times. We have the merit of not having given up anything. after the red card, especially against a team like çthat. We are happy with the state of mind displayed."

23:00 – The RCT saw red

If Toulon offered itself the scalp of Toulouse this evening, the Toulonnais competed for the title. half-time à 14 against 15, after the exclusion of Brian Alainuuese. A double from Leicester Fainga’anuku finally allowed the Varois to win.

After a match à twists and turns, the RCT won against Stade Toulousain (20-19) as part of the 21st day of Top 14 and took a step towards the final phase. 

22:53 – Thirty seconds

The Varois have listened Pierre Mignoni. The forwards keep the ball. 

22:51 – The clock is ticking

New Toulouse foul which allows the RCT to keep the ball à one minute from the siren.

22:50 – Villière précieux

While the Toulouse residents try to leave from their 22 meters, Paul Costes locks himself in. Nothing more was needed! Gabin Villière to scratch the ball. Pénaltouche.

After the throw from young Benjamin Bertrand, Joel Merkler recovers the ball and goes to forcefully flatten after a carried ball. Third failure of the evening for Thomas Ramos at the foot, a first this season. 

22:46 – Pénaltouche

The mistakes follow one another next to each other. RCT and the Toulouse residents are pushing. Throw for Bertrand.

22:45 – Important throw

Afterès a bad contest, Thomas Ramos finds a nice touch &agrav; negotiate.

22:43 – The match heats up

After a bad outing, Arthur Retière, starter; in play, commits a hand fault. In the process, Biggar clears straight ahead.

22:41 – Garbisi comes out

À ten minutes from the end of the match, Dan Biggar replaces Paolo Garbisi.

22:40 – End of the advantage

After a hand fault from Toulouse where the Toulouse residents did not benefit, Ludovic Cayre returned to the fault.

22:37 – The RCT sanctioned

On a mixed, the Toulon pack is sanctioned. Thomas Ramos cannot find the touchline.

Before the entries of Paul Costes and Alexandre Roumat, Thomas Ramos scores three additional points.

22:29 – The double for Fainga'anuku (20-11, 60th)

Second double of the season for Leicester Fainga'anuku. After the launch on the sidelines, Tuicuvu shifts the center who takes up space and breaks several tackles before flattening. Jaminet transforms in front of the poles.

22:28 – The RCT in front of the 22 mètres

After a Toulon scratch, the match resumes. Jaminet finds an excellent touch.

22:25 – Match stopped

Entrance in play a few moments ago, Joel Merkler Perez is treated. The Spaniard was involuntarily stepped on his head by Baptiste Serin.

22:24 – Several changes

Emmanuel Meafou and Jack Willis replacedé the Toulouse second line. On the side Toulonnais, Priso and Du Preez gave in; their place à Gros and Rebbadj.

After a second penalty, from Jaminet this evening, Toulon gets back in front.


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