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Toulouse: a new building evacuated in the city center after the discovery of a crack

Just one week after the collapse of a building Toulouse, another building has been destroyed. êevacuatedé of its inhabitants by the town hall services after a major crack was repaired. reported in a stairwell.

The law of series. Just one week after the collapse of a three-story building in downtown Toulouse, a new building has been erected. Evacuated, Saturday March 16, shortly after 8 p.m., reports La Dépêche. The latter, locatedé at 2 bis place de Belfort wasé evacuated of its inhabitants after a crack has been damaged. reported in a stairwell in the interior courtyard, the municipality said. in a press release, which specifies that the building has "12 housing units and two businesses on the ground floor".< /p>

Two residents relocated

If the majorityé of the residents of the building were able to find an emergency solution for rehousing, two had to do so. êbe "put à the shelter" after having been é taken care of by the town hall of Toulouse, continue our colleagues. From now on, a complete assessment of the building must be carried out in order to assess its fragility, explains France 3. Eight days ago, a building located rue Saint-Rome collapsed in the middle of the night. Éevacuatedé a few days earlier, the collapse of a load-bearing wall had led the authorities to take action. take precautionary measures. After this incident, a second building located not far away rue des Puits-Clos, had also been evacuated. It is a historic building, the only one still standing from its period, in its original state. “frame of wood which is of great interest to the architects of buildings in France”, explained &agrav; France 3 Claire Nison, municipal councilor delegated to the fight against unsanitary housing, unworthy and degraded housing, and security buildings. And to specify: "Around fifteen buildings are considered in dangeré Toulouse, and are à this day accompanied by the services."

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