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Toulouse: convicted for anti-Semitic remarks, an imam deported to Algeria

Gérald Darmanin announced; the expulsion to Algeria of the imam of Toulouse Mohammed Tataïat. He had been condemned in 2022 à four months suspended prison sentence for provocation à hatred and &agrav; violence against the community Jewish.

An imam of nationality Algerian, Mohamed Tataïat, who officiated at Toulouse, was é expelled, Friday April 19 to Algeria, announced Gérald Darmanin. In a post message on X, the Minister of the Interior estimated that once again, the immigration law (had allowed) #39;expel to his country of origin in less than 24 hours an imam from Toulouse, preacher of hatred and condemned to by justice ".

Arrival in France in 1985, Mohamed Tataïat moved to Toulouse a few years later to work in the mosque in the Empalot district. Access to nationality French woman had been to him. refusal twice, in 2002, then in 2007, according to La D&eac;pêche du Midi. State services had motivated this move. their decision by "the absence of effort at integration, characterized' by his insufficient mastery of the French language, all of his preaching being delivered in Arabic, specifies the Ministry of the Interior.

A conviction in 2022

Remarks made during a preaching on December 15, 2017. the En Nour mosque were the subject of a report in June 2018 by the prefect of Haute-Garonne who cited “a provocation” ; hatred and &agrav; discrimination à towards the Jews. The imam is condemned; by the Toulouse Court of Appeal & 4 months suspended prison sentence for this preaching, in August 2022. The Court had notably estimated that: "that he knew the meaning of the words he used and their scope, through his training and his level of knowledge". L&#39 ;interested, for his part, defended himself from any anti-Semitism. The man of faith apologized deeply to his friends in the community. Jewish community from Toulouse and France, and pointed to a "contextualized interpretation" of his words.

On April 5, Gérald Darmanin signedé his arrest eviction. He was é arrested &agrav; his home on Friday and was then expelled. His lawyers denounce a hasty decisioné against this father of 6 children. "There was no emergency, he has been on French territory for 40 years, he has children, he works, he doesn' ;hasn't been talked about for seven years, and now “he found himself on a plane heading to Algeria,” reacted to AFP Me Jean Iglesis. For him, it is a “manu militari expulsion” to avoid having the arrest suspended. ".

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