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Tour de France 2025: the big start in Lille! The first steps revealed

The 2025 Tour de France will start in the North of France on the southern side. from Lille.

Thursday November 30, Christian Prudhomme and the organization of the Tour de France presented the first stages of the Grande Boucle 2025 which will start from the North of France, Lille. The city will host the very first stage as the departure city, but also the arrival city in a course intended to be a destination for the future. for sprinters. The second stage will start from Lauwin-Planque, a small town in Douaisis to reach Boulogne sur Mer. In the next stages, the cities of Dunkirk, Valenciennes and Amiens will be upgraded. honor.

Unlike à some rumors, there will be no cobblestones in the program unlike in 2022 and the victory of Simon Clarke and Pogacar's number, but many crossings to the mountains of Flanders. By hosting the big start of this 2025 Tour de France, Lille regains the colors of the Grande Boucle, 31 years later (1994).

The Tour de France 2025 map

Here is the very first map of the Tour de France 2025 with the big start in the North.

Tour de France 2025: the big start in Lille! The first steps revealed

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The stages of the Tour de France 2025

  •  Saturday July 5, 2025 – Éstep 1&nbsp ;: Lille Métropole – Lille Métropole (185 km)
  •  Sunday July 6, 2025 – Éstep 2&nbsp ;: Lauwin-Planque – Boulogne-Sur-Mer (209 km)
  •  Monday July 7, 2025 – Éstep 3&nbsp ;: Valenciennes – Dunkirk (172 km)
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