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Trial of the Trèbes attack: who are the suspects ?

This Monday, January 22, 2024, seven individuals are judged at the Paris Assizes for their proximity to crime. with Radouane Lakdim, the author of the terrorist attacks in Trèbes and Carcassonne in 2018.

On March 23, 2018, Radouane Lakdim, an individual registered with S, 25 years old, known to the intelligence services for his strong radicalization, assassinates four people in a parking lot in the city of Carcassonne and in the Super U of the small neighboring town of Trèbes in Aude. The terrorist is responsible for the deaths of four people. Two of them were over 60 years old, another was employed as a worker. from the supermarket and the fourth, is none other than Constable Arnaud Beltrame. assassin&eac; by the terrorist after having taken the place of the cashier taken hostage by Radouane Lakdim. The jihadist terrorist was killed shot dead by GIGN officers a few moments after the death of the gendarme. 

Six years after the events, seven people, six men and one woman, were tried in court. starting this Monday at the Paris Assizes where ù the trial is expected to last five weeks. They were all part of the terrorist's entourage and came to his aid, each in turn. their way. Among the accused, Marine Pequignot, the terrorist's girlfriend at the time of the events. The young woman was then 18 years old. She even converted à "Jihadist ideology" since she was 16 and also on S file, she is being tried for "terrorist criminal association" for having knowledge of the possession of weapons at the terrorist's home and having been arrested. "informed of his plans to attack disbelievers in a general manner& ;quot; as specified by the investigating judges in their indictment order.

Also on the dock is the terrorist's brother-in-law, Ahmed Arfaoui. Âgé aged 29, he appeared before the courts for having "cleaned" the home of Radouane Lakdim's parents where the latter was residing, before a police search and leaving the premises with a large bag with which he would have transported weapons. 

The third accused is called Réda El Yaakoubi and is as for à accused him of to have "givené &agrav; The criminal association that he led had the character of a terrorist criminal association. Indeed, this individual is known as the "caïd" of the city d'Ozanam from the city of Carcassonne. Also president of the city's football club, he would be in charge of the underground economy circulating in the neighborhood. According to the investigating magistrates, the terrorist's involvement in this trafficking network would have allowed him to earn money and obtain weapons.

The only detainee among the seven accused, Samir Manaa is said to be the terrorist's closest friend and is therefore accused of murder. to have been fully aware of the danger and the extensive radicalization of Radouane Lakdim. The 28-year-old man from Carcassonne would have accompanied Radouane Lakdim to a hunting and fishing store around two weeks before the events, where he would have obtained é the dagger with which he attacked Arnaud Beltrame. The older brother of Samir Manaa, Sofiane Manaa, is also on trial for "illegal possession of weapons' quot;.

In a different register, Sofian Boudebbouza, is accused of to have obtained moral support à Radouane Lakdim. He would have notably supported his murderous project via a Facebook discussion. This accused has already is the subject of a conviction for radicalization. He had been judged in 2017 by the juvenile court for attempting to commit to join the Iraqi-Syrian zone.  The seventh accused is a childhood friend of Radouane Lakdim. Baghdad Haddaoui is tried for "non-denunciation" terrorist act. This relative of the terrorist would have been indeed aware of the possession of weapons and the desire to to pass &agrav; the act of Radouane Lakdim. 

Teilor Stone

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