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Truck drivers' convoy: Pat King will have to stand trial in Ottawa

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The day of his release, Pat King was greeted by supporters who had been calling for his release for several months. (Archive photo)


Pat King's request to have his trial moved outside of Ottawa was denied Thursday. He will be forced to face a jury in the city where he encouraged demonstrators to protest COVID-19 health measures in the winter of 2022.

In a brief ruling, Judge Charles Hackland said during a virtual appearance that the law will provide necessary safeguards against potential juror bias.

Pat King's lawyer, Natasha Calvinho, spoke about her client's notoriety earlier this week, also recalling that he had been the subject of extensive media coverage following his arrest, his hundred days in prison and his release.

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Before his arrest, Pat King (left) continued to broadcast live on Facebook during the convoy. (Archive photo)

The Crown opposed the motion of Mr. Calvinho, who repeatedly argued that the request for a new location for the trial was an uphill battle.

Pat King is charged with mischief and other charges related to counseling others to commit wrongdoing, disobeying a court order and disobeying a court order. having obstructed the work of the police as part of his role during the convoy.

The accused was one of the first leaders to stand out from the crowd during the truckers’ convoy. He had a series of publications on his Facebook page, which was followed by many Internet users.

He must now be tried at the end of November.

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Pat King is one of the organizers of the truckers' convoy. (Archive photo)

He is not the first known personality in the convoy to have such a request refused. This was also the case for former provincial MP Randy Hillier and another organizer, James Bauder.

In both cases, the court concluded that there were sufficient procedural safeguards to avoid any prejudice against the accused.

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