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Trudeau attacks Poilievre 20 times in 30 minutes

Photo: Sean Kilpatrick The Canadian Press Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed his troops gathered in Ottawa on Thursday.

In a thirty-minute speech, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attacked the leader of the opposition, Pierre Poilievre, at least 20 times, according to a count of Devoir.

In front of the Liberal troops — gathered in Ottawa to prepare for the resumption of work in the House of Commons next Monday — Mr. Trudeau strongly criticized the Conservatives for their positions, among other things, on conspiracy theories , climate change, guns and abortion.

“While conservatives want to import the American view of guns, [our MPs] continue to work on measures to keep our communities safe. […] While Pierre Poilievre likes to insult mayors, [our deputies] conclude housing agreements with municipalities,” he told the members of his caucus.

The Prime Minister, who has reiterated his party's support for Ukraine on several occasions, did not spare his opponent on the issue. “Pierre Poilievre and his conservatives chose to vote against supporting Ukraine, calling it a distant foreign land, to appease Putin apologists such as Tucker Carlson and those who support him. »

Before the holidays, Pierre Poilievre opposed a bill concerning an update to the trade agreement between Canada and Ukraine, arguing that the Conservatives had the right to oppose certain parts of the agreement and that their choice would not cause any harm to the nation.

Mr. Trudeau also made several allusions to the Opposition Leader's style of governance. “It’s telling that conservatives never leave room to express differences among their colleagues. They seek to silence their caucus and give orders from the top,” said the Prime Minister.

Liberal MPs in the room used the word “shame” several times when referring to conservatives.

Pierre Poilievre's party is 17 points ahead of Justin Trudeau's, according to the results of the latest Abacus poll. Additionally, 53% of Canadians believe it is time for a change of government and that there is a good alternative to Justin Trudeau.

“Canadians are worried, they want solutions. Unfortunately, there are politicians who just want to use this concern to amplify anger for their own benefit,” said the Liberal leader.

As the resumption of parliamentary work approaches, the latter says he wants to concentrate his efforts on ways to “support the middle class” and tackle the cost of living.

Another full day of caucus meetings is scheduled for Friday.

Leadership of the boss

Despite the exit of Liberal MP Ken McDonald this week, Justin Trudeau's troops assure that he is still the right man to win his seat in the next election.

” The question does not even place itself. As I tell you, there is no question about the leadership [of Mr. Trudeau],” argued Minister François-Philippe Champagne on the sidelines of the caucus meeting on Thursday.

Earlier this week, the Liberal told Radio-Canada that it was time to question the Prime Minister's leadership. The member for Avalon said that it was no longer clear whether Justin Trudeau remained the right person to lead the Liberal troops.

Less than a day after the interview aired, Mr. McDonald walked back his comments, saying that “the intention behind [his] recent comments was not to personally request a review of leadership.”

Questioned about the freedom of Liberal MPs to express themselves publicly on Mr. Trudeau, the Minister of Immigration, Marc Miller, simply affirmed that everyone “is entitled to their point of view”.

“Usually, points of view on the Prime Minister and the way of working are something we keep in caucus, but he has the right to express himself,” he says.

The Liberal caucus meeting comes after the federal Liberal cabinet held a three-day retreat in Montreal to plan for the coming months. The Prime Minister reiterated that his priorities remained the same — housing and the cost of living — and that his government would not change its current strategy, despite the drop in the polls.

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