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Trump and Biden assured of winning their party's nomination

Joe Biden and his rival Donald Trump obtained enough delegates on Tuesday to secure their party's nomination for the pre-election election. November residential price, according to estimates from American media, offering itself for the months to come one of the longest electoral face-offs in American history.

The results of the Democratic and Republican primaries organized on Tuesday were practically a foregone conclusion, MM. Biden and Trump having eliminated the competition.

Outgoing President Joe Biden crossed the threshold of 1,968 necessary delegates by winning the Democratic primary in Georgia (south).

As for Mr. Trump, 77, his victory in Washington State (northwest) allowed him to cross the threshold of 1,215 delegates necessary for win the Republican Party nomination.

As the two men prepare to repeat the 2020 match, Mr. Biden attacked his opponent in a statement.

“I am honored that the broad coalition of voters representing the rich diversity of the Democratic Party across the country have placed their faith in me once again to lead party – and the country – at a time when the threat posed by Trump is greater than ever,” the Democrat said.

Trump and Biden assured of winning their party's nomination

Former US President Donald Trump during a campaign rally on March 9, 2024 in Rome, Georgia © AFP – Elijah Nouvelage

If the early reinauguration of an outgoing president is the norm, the victory of the former Republican president in almost all Republican primaries to date has allowed him to secure the nomination much earlier than most candidates. opposition in previous campaigns.

Joe Biden, 81, has never faced serious opposition and Donald Trump's last competitor, Nikki Haley, has threw in the towel on March 6.

During the almost eight months that separate them from the November 5 vote, the two candidates will now be able to devote all their energy to their face- face to face.

– The “mugshot” –

Donald Trump is campaigning by directly opposing Joe Biden's policies on immigration, accusing his successor of having transformed the southern border of the United States into a sieve. But it was also at Mr. Trump's request that an immigration law, negotiated for months by members of both parties, was finally rejected by Republicans in Congress.

The issue has become particularly sensitive in the state of Georgia, which voted Tuesday for the primaries, and where the murder of an American student by an illegal Venezuelan was highlighted by the camp Republican.

Donald Trump has made it the symbol of Joe Biden's immigration policy, whom he accuses of being too lax in the face of the numerous arrivals at the border with Mexico.

Trump and Biden assured of winning their party's nomination

Former US President Donald Trump during a campaign rally on March 9, 2024 in Rome, Georgia © AFP – Elijah Nouvelage

In 2020, Georgia, a traditionally Republican state, had to everyone's surprise voted Democratic, contributing decisively to Joe Biden's victory.

Donald Trump had put pressure on local election officials, asking them to “find” the number of votes needed to close his gap.

The former president was indicted in this file and made his legal ID photo (the famous “mugshot”), taken in the capital Atlanta, a campaign article.

– See you in November –

Georgia risks being decisive again in November, the gap between Donald Trump and Joe Biden being very tight there, according to the surveys.

Trump and Biden assured of winning their party's nomination

US President Joe Biden during a campaign rally in Atlanta, March 9, 2024 in Georgia © AFP – Jim WATSON

The two men both campaigned there on Saturday. In the momentum of a particularly pugnacious speech before Congress on Thursday, Joe Biden went to Atlanta to try to mobilize the African-American and Hispanic electorate.

Donald Trump performed an imitation of a stuttering Joe Biden, a way of mocking, as he regularly does, the mental and physical form that he considered to be lacking in his competitor.

Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Nevada are among the other potentially decisive states in November, what Americans call the “swing states “.

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