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The Laval Police Department monitored the area around the school all week to reassure the students.

Two students arrested for death threats at Odyssée-des-Jeunes school in Laval

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The police de Laval had to monitor the surroundings of the Odyssée-des-Jeunes high school in Laval after the arrest of two students who uttered threats.

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Two 13-year-old students from the Odyssée-des-Jeunes secondary school in Laval were arrested by the Laval Police Department for making death threats on social media against two other students from the same school, Radio-Canada learned.

It all started on February 6, when the two young accused beat up a young 11-year-old student a few meters from the secondary school playground.

According to the testimony of a parent who spoke to Radio-Canada, two students aged 12 and 13, who were passing by, witnessed the attack. They intervened to defend the young teenager who was being beaten.

The two attackers would have finished by leaving the premises, promising the two students that they would regret not having interfered in their affairs.

In the situation to which you refer, rest assured that the school acted quickly and that several interventions were carried out by the management of the Odyssée-des-Jeunes school. Following an altercation at school, student suspensions were carried out and personalized follow-ups with the parents concerned were carried out, said Annie Goyette, assistant director of communications at the Laval School Service Center.

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However, the two students who came to the defense of the & #x27;11-year-old girl received death threats in the days that followed.

< p class="Text-sc-2357a233-1 imohSo">When we learned that threats were continuing on social media, we collaborated with the Laval Police Department, which led to two arrests. There was also an increased police presence around the school during certain times of the day, such as at lunchtime and after school.

A quote from Annie Goyette, principal communications assistant at the Laval School Service Center

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A specialized educator has been present for a week at the Odyssée-des-Jeunes school after a case of threats and intimidation which ended with the arrest and accusation of two 13-year-old students.

According to our information, comments made by messaging and on social networks by teenagers implied that' they knew where the two threatened teenagers lived. One of the students arrested by the police allegedly pretended to fire a gun with his fingers in a message posted online.

The Laval Police Department arrested two 13-year-olds on Friday, February 9, for threats and intimidation. They were released with conditions to be respected pending further legal proceedings, confirmed Stéphanie Beshara, spokesperson for the Laval Police Department.

This is not the first case of violence to make headlines at Odyssée-des-Jeunes secondary school. On October 6, a teacher was attacked by one of her students who was armed with scissors. The teenager was then arrested and charged with armed assault for injuring her teacher.

The Laval School Service Center would like to remind you that the safety and well-being of students are priorities.

It should be noted that following these events, two students will no longer permanently attend the Odyssée-des-Jeunes school. […] A specialized educator is present at the school and offers support to students who feel the need. Her expertise was also put to use during these events, indicated Annie Goyette.

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