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UFC Que Choisir reveals the tip to put an end to cold calling

Telephone canvassing regularly annoys many French people. The UFC Que Choisir has decided to to act by unveiling a tool to put an end to it.

Who has never been concerned through telephone canvassing? Today there are a multitude of companies which exist precisely to address a countless number of phone calls à potential customers. These call centers make their money on the credulity of their customers. of their interlocutors by trying to sell them various services that they will generally not need. Insurance, credits, training… So many deals sold to you hastily and whose main aim is to commit the victim over several months or years, through a contract which could drain their financial resources .

While it may be tempting to simply hang up without asking for anything else, call centers will generally make a series of attempts to get you to break. This can generally be very debilitating when these calls are repeated several times a day. Yet, the French Government is not inactive in the face of this crisis. These marketing deviations. Since March 1, 2023, telephone canvassing has been regulated. according to several rules. It is not allowed' only during the week and during specific times: from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. 20 hours.

UFC Que Choisir reveals the tip to put an end to cold calling

Other solutions exist, notably the Bloctel service. An official website which allows you to register your telephone number to indicate to the centers callers that you are against telephone canvassing. Unfortunately, some companies do not respect this service. This is why the UFC Que Choisir association has decided to take action. take action by launching your own solution to put an end to telephone canvassing.

Baptisé "Respect my data", this online service allows you to assert your rights à forgetting and respecting your personal data. You just need to enter some information such as your telephone operator, your username or your telephone number to access it. The site will then take care of making your request to the call centers to assert your wish not to be affected. by telephone canvassing!

This site, porté by a recognized player in consumer defense, promises a "tool so that everyone can demand that their telephone operator not does not transfer its data to others. the public directory nor its partners, in accordance with the GDPR. It also aims to  restore à flat everything that trading companies know about you. It is possible to select a companyé and analyze the data it has and how it uses it. "Of course, the use of our tool does not collect your data but simply aims to give you an overview", pr" eacute;cise l'UFC.

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