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Ukraine: at least eleven dead in the Kharkiv region under Russian fire

Bombings on Sunday left at least eleven dead in the Kharkiv region in northeastern Ukraine, targeted since May 10 by a new Russian offensive, announced ; local authorities.

The land assault launched by the Russian army in this border area, after an intensification of air attacks, allowed it to record its most significant territorial gains since the end of 2022. The Russian progression has now been stopped, Kiev claims, which Moscow refutes.

On Sunday, six people, including a pregnant woman, died, one was missing and 27 others were injured when A recreation center on the outskirts of Kharkiv, Ukraine's second-largest city, was hit by missile fire from Russia's neighboring Belgorod region, Ukrainian officials said.

“Among the injured are a police officer and an ambulance driver who went to help people after the first attack,” explained the Kharkiv prosecutor's office, accusing the Russians of having “once again” resorted to the murderous tactics of successive strikes.

The same location was in fact targeted 20 minutes after the arrival of law enforcement and rescue workers, the police said.

Russia has repeatedly been criticized for carrying out double strikes, which consist of bombing a place first and then again when emergency services are arrived on site.

Shortly afterwards, five civilians lost their lives and nine were injured in multiple rocket launcher fire on the villages of Novoossynove and Kivcharivka, lamented the governor of the Kharkiv region, Oleg Synegoubov.

– “Terrorize the population” –

The Russian military seeks in this way to “terrorize” the population, reacted Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, demanding “two Patriots for Kharkiv “, American anti-aircraft defense systems which “will fundamentally change the situation”.

Russian troops failed in 2022 in their attempt to take the Kharkiv region. But they have just opened a new front there with artillery and air strikes, forcing thousands of people to flee.

Ukraine: at least eleven dead in the Kharkiv region under Russian fire

A Ukrainian multiple rocket launcher near Russian positions, in the Kharkiv region of Ukraine on May 15, 2024 © AFP – Roman PILIPEY

The enemy managed to advance five to ten kilometers along the northeast border before being stopped by the Ukrainians, Mr. Zelensky assured Friday in an interview with AFP.

Nevertheless, Ukraine is preparing for new rounds of attacks, with President Zelensky having told AFP that what is currently happening around Kharkiv could only be the “first wave” of a more serious offensive. large.

The Ukrainian army general staff estimated on Sunday that Russian assaults in the Kharkiv region had “slowed down a little” but that the Russians ” continued their attempts to break through our defenses near Vovchansk, Starytsia and Lyptsi.

Russian units “continue to advance into the depths of enemy defenses,” the Russian military also reported, saying they have captured Starytsia.< /p>

– Attack on a Russian refinery –

Russian forces also announced that they had shot down 61 Ukrainian drones during the night from Saturday to Sunday, mostly over the Krasnodar region in southwestern Russia.

Ukraine: at least eleven dead in the Kharkiv region under Russian fire

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during an interview with AFP in kyiv on May 17, 2024 © AFP – Roman PILIPEY

Six drones fell on the site of the Slavyansk-on-Kuban refinery, one of the largest refineries in this part of Russian territory, which as a result had to suspend its activities, admitted its management and local authorities.

A Ukrainian defense source said that a military airfield in Kushchevsky, also in Russia's Krasnodar region, used to strike Ukraine, had been targeted by several drones.

“This is the second drone attack” on these two infrastructures “in the last three weeks “, noted this source, according to which “several planes were hit at the airfield”.

In addition, Ukrainian airstrikes were carried out against the border region Russian from Belgorod, where 11 people were injured. Another strike, this time on an area under Russian control in the Ukrainian region of Kherson (south), left one dead.

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