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Ukraine claims to have hit two Russian ships in Crimea

Ukraine, which hité two Russian ships in annexed Crimea, claimed responsibility Sunday a new success in the Black Sea, after a third night of massive bombing of the country by Russia which aims to destroy Ukrainian infrastructure.

Poland, Ukraine's ally and neighbor, for its part declared that a Russian cruise missile aimed towards western Ukraine had violated its airspace for around forty seconds, third incident of this type since the start of the war.

After sinking numerous Russian boats since the offensive launched on February 24, 2022, Kiev claimed a new success, a humiliation for Russia which had to abandon the blockade coasts still under Ukrainian control.

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to hit the amphibious ships Yamal and Azov, as well as a communications center and other infrastructure of the Russian Black Sea Fleet,” the communications center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine announced.

Russia claimed on Saturday evening to have repelled a “massive” Ukrainian missile attack targeting Sevastopol. “According to initial information, more than ten missiles were shot down,” Governor Mikhail Razvojaev said on Telegram.

He specified that a 65-year-old man had been killed and four people injured without mentioning any damage to Russian warships.

Footwear shared on social media shows a large explosion in the city, sending a ball rolling fire and black smoke in the air, as well as what appeared to be Russian air defenses intercepting incoming projectiles.

Ukraine has claimed to have destroyed about a third of Russia's Black Sea fleet since the start of the war, usually in nighttime attacks using marine drones packed with explosives.

Satellite images show that Russia has moved a large part of its fleet further east, towards the port of Novorossiysk. Moscow also recently replaced its navy chief.

– Russian ambassador summoned –

After a brief incursion of the Russian cruise missile into its airspace, Poland announced on Sunday that it would summon the Russian ambassador.

“The object flew into the “Polish space near the village of Oserdow (East) and remained there for 39 seconds”, indicated the Polish army on X.

In November 2022, a Ukrainian missile fell on the Polish village of Przewodow, near the border with Ukraine, killing two civilians.

Before its identification, the fall missile had raised fears that NATO would be drawn into a major escalation of the war in Ukraine, with Poland protected by a collective defense commitment from the Atlantic Alliance.

Ukraine, faced with the Russian invasion and daily bombing of its cities for more than two years, promised to respond by bringing the fighting to Russian soil.

kyiv also wants to regain control of its airspace in 2024 so that Russia will no longer be able to bomb it like this. But for this, Ukraine has a crucial need for air defense means.

– “Destroy Kiev” –

Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, and the western region of Lviv were also targets of a “massive” air attack early Sunday, officials said, but no casualties were reported.

The Ukrainian Air Force said it shot down 18 of 29 missiles and 25 of 28 explosive drones launched overnight. Damage was noted to urban, energy and port infrastructures in kyiv, as well as in the regions of Lviv (West), Kryvyï Rig (center) and the Danube area (South West).

Russia “does not abandon its goal of destroying Kiev at all costs,” said Sergii Popko, head of the city's military administration.< /p>

The Russian Defense Ministry announced on Sunday that it had launched strikes against Ukrainian military and energy targets overnight.

Ukraine claims to have hit two Russian ships in Crimea

A photo released by Ukrainian authorities shows the site of a missile attack in Zaporizhia, March 22, 2024 © Telegram/@ivan_fedorov_zp – Handout

Moscow says it is responding with these strikes to Ukrainian bombings of border regions, which are themselves responses to the daily attacks that Russia inflicts on Ukrainians.

Russian forces shot down “22 aerial targets” heading towards the town of Belgorod, not far from the Ukrainian border, regional governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said on Sunday on Telegram. Four people were injured and taken to hospital, according to the same source.

– Territorial gains –

Faced with a Ukraine on the defensive and suffering from delays in Western aid additionally, Russian forces are seeking to increase their advantage on the battlefield.

The Russian army has in recent days claimed advances in the East in the sectors of Tchassiv Iar, a town near Bakhmut, and west of Avdiïvka, a town destroyed and conquered by the Russians in February.

Ukraine needs munitions artillery and missiles on the front where it has struggled, since the failure of its major counter-offensive in the summer of 2023, to contain the Russian army.

However, American aid has been blocked for months by the rivalry between the Democratic camp of President Joe Biden, in favor of increased support, and the Republicans of Donald Trump. European assistance has fallen behind schedule.

Finally, Ukraine fears an escalation on the part of Moscow, the Russian authorities citing a Ukrainian lead in the investigation into the attack on a concert hall which left at least 137 dead. Vladimir Putin did not mention the claim of the Islamic State jihadists.

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