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Ukraine - Italy: the European champion qualifies, the summary of the match

At the end of a long controlled match, Italy suffered but held on to a draw against Italy. Ukraine (0-0) and validates its ticket for Euro 2024. The Ukrainians will go through the play-offs.

Ukraine - Italy: the European champion qualifies, the match summary

Ukraine 0: 0

Ukraine - Italy&nbsp ;: the European champion qualifies, the match summary

Italy Live

23:30 – Good night

Thanks to all and all everyone for accompanying us to follow this qualifying match for Euro 2024 between Ukraine and Italy, and to all of you for accompanying us to follow this qualifying match for Euro 2024 between Ukraine and Italy, and very soon for new live broadcasts and new competitions on linetrnaute.com.

Ukraine - Italy: the European champion qualifies, the match summary

 Italy likes to play football. scare herself but fortunately for her, you don't burn your fingers on it. every time. The chills must have been there. walk through a number of Italian supporters at the end of the match whereù their favorite team never stopped playing. to retreat, allowing the Ukrainians to bring back the danger from which they had been exposed. almost incapable until then.

Everything could even have changed in the heart of added time when a cross was pulled back. low in the area, Mudryk burst in front of Cristante, touched the ball before impaling himself on the Italian midfielder. The men in yellow turned towards the referee, the whole stadium screamed, but Mr. Gil Manzano did not blink, nor did his video assistants, who did not believe that the contact was worth a sanction. An interpretation which closed the debates, especially as a few moments later Sikan saw his shot from 18 meters slowed down by Acerbi’s desperate tackle. p>

Depleted of its strength, Italy would not give up anything and especially not this ticket for Euro 2024. The happy ending for the European champion, who will therefore see Germany and be able to defend his title in the summer next time, after a barren evening.

Because if the Squadra Azzurra held on and fought; to maintain the draw, which was enough to she owes her happiness to; his incapacity à force the Ukrainian lock. Indeed, the Italians delivered; a first hour of good quality, confiscating the ball and settling in the opposing camp. A clear domination but which never materialized.

Still just as dangerous, with the support of the invaluable Dimarco, Chiesa brought a lot to the table. danger, makes you experience some difficult moments Konoplia but he will either have missed precision as on this volley which bounces above Trubin’s goal or this shot not sufficiently wrapped from the corner of the surface, or not found; of a partner sharp enough to take back his offerings. At the half-hour mark, the Turnois found, in fact, a perfect passing line between the two Ukrainian centrals to serve Frattesi in the race but the Italian midfielder saw his cross shot being deflected by the left leg of Trubin, out at the right tempo. Shortly after, it was Raspadori's turn to be too short to cut the center of the Turinese, author of a nice one-two with Dimarco in the corridor left.

Situations which could have proved detrimental if Ukraine had better negotiated these rare situations. A quarter of an hour into the game, Sudakov unleashed a dry strike from 25 meters to the right. level with the ground and saw Donnarumma relax and push back with a firm hand. The Italian goalkeeper put himself in the spotlight once again in the second half when, after a misunderstanding with Di Lorenzo, he intervened in front of the goalkeeper. Mudryk, in a closed corner. Although supported by an entire stadium and driven by the desire to offer a ray of sunshine to everyone. their compatriots, Zinchenko and others will not have been able to force destiny.

While Italy, champion at the economy, celebrated with relief its qualification for Euro 2024, Ukraine, for its part, was already turning its attention to its future. towards the rest and these dams, which give him one last chance to invite himself for the fourth time in a row to the continental meeting.

23:15 – The continuous series

Forced to win this evening to qualify directly for Euro 2024, Ukraine has once again failed. à defeat Italy. In 10 matches, they have a record of three draws and seven losses against Squadra Azzurra.

The list of teams that will compete in Euro 2024 is growing. We know two new protagonists bringing the total of qualified to 19. After Germany (host country), France, Portugal, Belgium, Spain, England, Austria, Turkey, Serbia, Denmark, Romania, Italy Albania, Scotland, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Hungary and Switzerland, Italy and the Czech Republic have composted. their ticket for the continental meeting. If the Italians were satisfied with a draw (0-0), the Czechs did not tremble; against Moldova, winning 3-0 thanks to Doudera, Chory and Soucek.

Tomorrow, we will know the last qualifier; through this group stage. This will be Croatia or Wales. The Croats, who host Armenia, are two points ahead of the Welsh, who host Turkey.

22:55 – Ukraine can still believe in it

Unable to force destiny this evening, Ukraine has not lost all its hopes of qualifying for its fourth consecutive final phase of the Euro. Indeed, due to Serbia's qualification yesterday, Rebrov's selection is drafted to compete in the play-offs, which will take place next March.

22 :45 – Italy is there

After missing out qualification for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Italy avoids another perilous passage through the play-offs and validates, thanks to this 0-0 draw his ticket to Euro 2024. With 14 points in 8 matches, the team led by Luciano Spalletti finished second in Group C, behind England (20 pts) .

At the end of a close match, Italy was satisfied with a draw against Italy. Ukraine and secures its place in the world Euro 2024. Dominant for a long time, the Italians have not been able to put themselves into action. in the dugout, Frattesi coming up against Trubin in particular, and played à scare themselves at the end of the match, faltering physically but managed to win; hold. For their part, the Ukrainians may regret having missed out. of realism on their rare occasions, and the forgotten penalty in added time on Mudryk.

22:38 – Sikan countered

Sikan approaches the Italian area, shifts to the right and strikes from the right. It takes a tackle from Acerbi to slow down the Ukrainian attempt before Donnarumma catches it.

On a passing pass low on the ground from the right, Mudryk bursts into the heart of the area and beats Cristante before flying to the ground. The contact is real but the referee considers that there is no foul.

22:35 – New changes

At the dawn of added time, the two coaches make two new changes. Side Ukrainian, Malinkovskyi enters Svatok Square when next to it Italian, we bring Politano out for Darmian.

22:33 – Additional time: 5 minutes

There will be five minutes of additional time in this match between Ukraine and Italy.

22:32 – Sudakov well caught

Zubkov finds between the lines at 20 m Sudakov. The Ukrainian midfielder wants to turn around but Frattesi grabs him by the shoulders without the referee blowing his whistle, and Cristante comes to scratch the ball.

22:31 – Sudakov from afar

From a little over 25 m, Sudakov sees no solution through the pass and tries his luck from afar. His curling shot from right to right ground level is too soft to worry Donnarumma who grabs it.

22:29 – Rebrov's coaching

The Ukrainian coach sends two new elements on the field to compete in the last five minutes. These are Tymchyk and Sikan, at Konoplia and Zinchenko square.

22:26 – Game stopped

Following; an aerial duel with Cristante, Sudakov collapses and remains on the ground after receiving a sole on the heel. The game is stopped. to treat him. There are 5 minutes left in normal time.

22:25 – New Italian change

In the 80th minute, Spalletti throws Kean through. the square of Chiesa, which has given a lot to the world à left without achieving make a difference.

22:24 – Two Ukrainian changes

In the 79th minute, the Ukrainian coach decided to go for it. open your bench and ask for help Zubkov and Pikhalonok to come on. They replace Tsygankov and Stepanenko.

22:21 – Yellow card for Konoplia

Along the touchline at ; left, Chiesa finds a space in a handkerchief and accelerates. Taken by speed, Konoplia throws himself and mows down the Turinese. He is logically warned.

22:20 – Tsygankov does not pass

Konoplia plays in one touch right for Tsygankov. The Ukrainian striker finds himself alone against the odds. Chiesa and Buongorno. He tries to pass between the two but comes up against the defender. The referee nevertheless whistles a foul from the Turinese for a charge on the Ukrainian.

22:18 – Scamacca beaten

Side left, Chiesa fixes Konoplia and slides the ball between his legs towards Scamacca but at the near post, the attacker sees Svatok throw himself in front of him and prevent him from hitting correctly. Trubin then gets his hands on the ball.

22:17 – Mudryk hits it wide. side

Mudryk manages to refocus and follow up with your left foot. His crossover attempt is poorly mastered and goes very far to the limit. side.

22:14 – Sudakov loses the ball

The Ukrainians maneuver and approach Donnarumma's goal. Shift to right, Konoplia finds at agrave; level with the ground Dovbyk. Tight closely by Buongiorno, the attacker comes out on Tsygankov who himself has to go back for Sudakov whose deviation is intercepted in the axis of the area. All Italians are in defense.

22:13 – Two new changes for Italy

In the 70th minute, Spalletti continued his coaching with the entries of Politano and Cristante. the place of Zaniolo and Jorginho.

22:11 – The Ukrainians put the pressure on

21 minutes from the end of regular time, the tension is becoming more and more palpable and Italian control is weakening. Also, the Ukrainians sense it and exert high pressure to disrupt the opponent's recovery. It was a success. right on Di Lorenzo but Mudryk misses his control the entrance to the surface. The ball is cleared but in Ukrainian feet. The danger will return.

22:10 – Jorginho on Donnarumma

In the area, at right, Dovbyk deflects with his heel and finds Tsygankov. The latter crosses back and sees Jorginho narrowly miss deceiving Donnarumma. The ball touched by the Italian midfielder arrives on his doorman.


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