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Umbrella Academy S4: we (finally) know when the last season will be released

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After three seasons filled with time travel, dysfunctional family entanglements and explosive fights, Umbrella Academy is getting a fourth season and we can't wait to discover this new burst of episodes.

The bad news is that this will be the last season of this series much loved by fans. The good news is that Netflix has just announced the release date for season 4 of The Umbrella Academy.

It's almost the end

We will have to wait until this summer to say goodbye to the Hargreeves siblings on the famous video streaming platform. So, season 4 of Umbrella Academy will be released August 8, 2024 on Netflix.

The conclusion of Umbrella Academy is therefore very close. The intrigues developed over the last three seasons were starting to unravel and it felt like the end. Based on the comics by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bà started in 2007, the series succeeded in attracting spectators from the launch of the series in 2019.

In 1989, 43 other infants with superpowers were born in “immaculate conception” mode. Seven of them were adopted by the wealthy Sir Reginald Hargreeves. He intends to exploit their full potential. By founding the Umbrella Academy, he planned to make it a recognized group of superheroes capable of saving the world. But things don't go as planned and the siblings move away… Until the death of their father, which marks their reunion. Everything changes when one of them, who disappeared years before, suddenly reappears and tells them that the apocalypse is near.

So the Hargreeves siblings fight to save the world. Once, then twice, then three… Over the seasons, the members of the siblings experience intense adventures with numerous jumps in time and space, and the apocalypse is never far away.

What to expect from Umbrella Academy season 4 ?

*Warning, this paragraph contains spoilers from season 3 of Umbrella Academy, if you are not up to date, we advise you to stop reading here.*

If you need a refresher, season 3 of Umbrella Academy ended in chaotic fashion. We leave the Hargreeves siblings totally devoid of their powers while their father Sir Reginal Hargreeves, far from being dead, seems to govern the city in the company of his wife, also far from dead, Abigail. Many mysteries surrounded this conclusion and we can't wait to find out the end of the story. We imagine that the Hargreeves are not ready to settle for a normal life and that the presence of their (terrible) father will lead to an interesting dynamic.

This fourth and final season of Umbrella Academywill undoubtedly be the season of explanations and settling of scores. Netflix should quickly reveal a trailer to help us be patient. Cheers!

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