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Under the hood of Elon Musk's $25,000 car: ruthless management to the detriment of people

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We have known for months that Musk wants a Tesla accessible to all, an affordable vehicle at a price of around 25,000 dollars . When we see the market dynamics of electric vehicles, the bet seems almost absurd. The only car more or less approaching this price is the Dacia Spring, offered in France from 20,800 euros. Tesla is not the only manufacturer wanting to fill the low-cost segmentof its electric range. The Citroën ë-C3 is also positioned in this price list, or even the future R5 from Renault. However, doing low-cost can be paid at high price, not for the &# 8217;buyer, but at the level of the production chain.

The managerial strategy planned by Musk is intriguing, and the latter seems to assume his positions perfectly. As usual, the statements he made during a recent conference call left a rather bitter taste in the mouth.

Work more to produce more

The manufacturer's future entry-level vehicle, called Redwood in internal, is planned for put into production in 2025and will be manufactured in the Gigafactory in Austin, Texas. During this famous conference call which concerned the company's financial results, Musk also made the official announcement of the arrival of Redwood to his investors.

He also took the opportunity to make it clear to what extent the production of this vehicle is of capital importance for Tesla . Very sure of himself, he also affirmed that the vehicle production line will be so technologically advanced that there will be no equivalent to it. A speech in which we very well recognize the character of a billionaire megalomaniac, which hardly surprises any more.

Very explicitly, he also made it clear that the project will require unfailing employee commitment. « We really need engineers to be on the ground (…) We will literally sleep on the production lines. And I mean literally ,” he explained.

When the human becomes a adjustment variable

This will not, in fact, be the first time that the employees of the American firm will be considered as simple cogs in this large chain of production. Enough to amplify fears about working conditions at Tesla and bring back some bad memories, particularly during the launch period of the Model 3 in 2017.< /p>

An intense and violent industrial moment, where employees slept on the floor after having worked twelve hours in a row. A practice that Musk himself had adopted since he proudly declared that he had spent three years straight in his Nevada factory without returning home. Instead of a bed, the underside of his desk was enough for him.

The quest for efficiency and cost reduction is virtually unlimited, from from the moment when the well-being of workers takes last place. However, this did not prevent Tesla from releasing thousands of models with questionable finishes from its factories in the past. But Musk nevertheless remains confident about the future launch of the Redwood. “I am convinced that once we launch, it will totally eclipse any other manufacturing technology on the planet” he struck. Can't wait 2025!

  • Elon Musk gave more details about the future production of the $25,000 Tesla.
  • Facing the investors, he explained that the commitment of employees to the project should be beyond measure.
  • He declared that employees will literally have to be present constantly in the Texas Gigafactory, even if it means sleeping on site.

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