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United States: African-American dies of suffocation under police officer's knee

Frank Tyson, a 53-year-old African-American, found himself in trouble. died during his arrest by two police officers from Canton, Ohio.

A chilling sequence. For several days, images of the arrest of Frank Tyson, a 52-year-old black man, have been making the rounds. ;American media. On April 18, in a bar in the town of Canton, Ohio, images from the pedestal camera were seen # One of the two police officers involved in the case shows Frank Tyson resisting them as they come to question him. The two officers suspect the man of being involved in a traffic accident.

Despite the protests of Frank Tyson, the Afro-American is slammed on the ground and handcuffed.  As he struggles, one of the police officers places his knee on the back of the suspect's neck to control him. It's & at that moment that it begins ' repeat that he can't breathe. "I can't breathe (I can't breathe – editor's note)", he says & several times in the direction of the police officers. The same words wereé used by George Floyd, another black man who died in 2020 after long minutes spent at home. to die under the knee of a policeman. 

The two suspended police officers

When the policeman gets up, Frank Tyson no longer reacts. After many minutes, the police removed the handcuffs and proceeded to attack them. a cardiac massage, before being relayed by the firefighters. Frank Tyson was pronounced dead a few hours later at the hospital. The exact cause of his death has not yet been determined. officially determined.

Canton police say the two officers involved were arrested. suspended for the duration of the investigation which was carried out entrusted to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation. The mayor of Canton, Williams Sherer II, said he spoke with the family of the deceased "to offer them my condolences for &agrav;-to the deceased" and "view with her the images that were " revealed to the public" by the Canton police, a week after the events.

Teilor Stone

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