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United States: Congress votes to resume aid to Ukraine

After months of blockage, the American House of Representatives adopted, on Saturday April 20, an aid plan of 61 billion dollars for support kyiv.

The United States will resume its military aid Ukraine. After weeks of procrastination, the House of Representatives adopted, Saturday, April 20,   a large majority a series of bills to support kyiv in its war against Russia. In a House with a narrow majority' ;eacute; Republican, the vote on Ukraine thus obtained 311 votes (210 Democrats and 101 Republicans) for and 112 Republicans. against.

The US Senate is expected to pass the proposed legislation. from Tuesday April 23. The final text should make it possible to resume "immediately" deliveries of military equipment to kyiv, in difficulty for months facing &agrav; the Russian offensive. The United States is kyiv's main military backer, but Congress has not adopted of great envelope for his allyé for almost a year and a half due to differences in the opposition.

A "crucial help"

The present plané by the House of Representatives provides $61 billion in aid for Ukraine, the amount requested by the House of Representatives. by the White House. More than a third of the amount will be used for replenish American arms stocks. Around ten billion dollars in economic assistance would be provided to the country. kyiv and its neighbors in the form of a loan.

Joe Biden greeted Saturday a "crucial aid", at the "meeting of History". American aid "will save thousands and thousands of lives," Volodymyr Zelensky. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg also greeted NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. the vote of the House of Representatives, ensuring that the support of allies “strengthens our security” &agrav; all, in Europe and North America. The President of the European Council, Charles Michel, welcomed Saturday the approval of the aid program Ukraine. "This sends a clear message to the Kremlin: those who believe in freedom are free. and in the Charter of the United Nations will continue à “support Ukraine and its inhabitants,” he wrote on statement an American vote that "will kill even more Ukrainians' cause of the kyiv regime.

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