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“Until the last” of Les Enfoirés: the lyrics of the 2024 anthem, a reflection of the difficulties of the Restaurants

"Les Enfoirés, Until the last" : for the 2024 edition, the new song of Les Enfoirés marks the 35 anniversary of show. And his words describe the heavy difficulties facing the association…

"The only restaurant that risks closing despiteé 30 million more meals." This is the disturbing introduction to the clip for Until the last, the 2024 anthem of the Enfoir& ;eacute;s. A song released last December, accompanied by a video published in February, a few days before the concert was broadcast on TF1, this Friday March 1 & from 9:10 p.m. Around forty artists, athletes, actors and comedians will be back on stage and will therefore reprise, among others, their 2024 single.

The piece Until the last one, singing by Les Enfoir&eac;s, wasé Written by the singer Ycare, who composed it. with Patrick Bruel, all arranged; by Mathieu Mendès, then recorded and mixed at Studio 'Hauts de Gammes' by Thierry "Tyty" Blanchard, the troupe recently explained on its Instagram account.

Words which also reflect the difficulties of Restaurants

"You come back like winter; We would like you to be a father; Warm in your house; If it's true, we's having fun; The years accuse us; D& #39;an umpteenth song (…) We tried everything; ; Or almost ; Or almost, still come on ;
So we're going to shout; Let’s stay; We stay until the last one(…) ; Until'&agrave the end of the end; Until the last chorus, sing the members of Les Enfoirés, from Zazie à Dany Boon, via Vianney, Jennifer, Nolwenn Leroy, Patrick Fiori, Antoine Dupont, Vitaa or Lara Fabian. And to take up one of the slogans of the Restos du Cœur  : "35 years already" that today you no longer have the right to be hungry or cold."

The introduction to the clip, like the lyrics of this songUntil the lastdes Enfoirs, implicitly reflect the difficulties that the Restos du coeur are currently encountering. The association was founded forced to reduce the number of people welcomed this winter, by lowering the level of income which gives entitlement to food aid. In fact, she no longer manages to achieve this. face &agrav; the influx of requests for help, from a logistical and financial point of view.

The association welcomed 1.3 million people in 2022-2023, compared to 1.1 million during the previous period. ;eacute;teeth. And in recent months, its budget for food purchases, then redistributed free of charge to beneficiaries, has doubled. &agrav; cause of inflation. Les Restos had launched; a call in September, warning of a shortage of 35 million euros to end the year at the end of the year. 'ébalance. The government has granted 10 million euros in additional subsidies the association and the family of Bernard Arnault offered 10 million euros more.

The fact remains that the survival of Restos du coeur is still uncertain according to their president Patrice Douret, who is still asking for an emergency food plan. to the government: "We really need to continue à “be supported”, he declared at the end of 2023. Enough to collect donations until the last one at the moment when the Enfoirs come back to life the screen.

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