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US Presidential Election: What Biden's First Primary Victory Means ?

Joe Biden won unsurprisingly the first vote of the Democratic primary in South Carolina. In addition to the victory, the outgoing president's teams are mainly looking at participation in view of a duel against Donald Trump in November.

Saturday February 3, unsurprisingly, Joe Biden won. hands down the Democratic primary in South Carolina. Face &agrav; an elected official from Minnesota, Dean Phillips, heir to a wealthy company. ice cream maker, and Marianne Williamson, author of bestsellers on personal development, both virtually unknown to the general public, the President of the United States -United obtained more than 96.4% of the votes. À the result of which he estimated that he was going to beat his likely Republican opponent, Donald Trump, in the elections which will take place in November.

If South Carolina, Republican since 1980, should remain so during the presidential election, for Joe Biden, the ;voting in this conservative state was an important test, explains Le Parisien. He has already been there. made twice since the start of the year. For good reason, in 2020, the Democrat in the campaign won. his party's primary mainly thanks to the vote of African-Americans in South Carolina, numerous in proportion to the population.

Young African-Americans who have passed away from Joe Biden's mandate

In this race à the White House, the participation rate of this electorate is then scrutinized. up close. Especially since polls show that part of the black vote, traditionally Democratic, could go to the other camp. the next election, reveals Le Parisien. According to a survey carried out by the New York Times and Siena College in November 2023, 71% of black voters in six key states support Joe Biden, compared to 91% during the ;#39;éelection of 2020, and 22 % would vote for Donald Trump. A shift which is observed mainly among young people, who feel that they have not been able to do so. heard enough during Joe Biden's mandate. If the latter was able to count à This year's report on the support of South Carolina's large black electorate in the primary may not be the case next year. nationally during the presidential election. The next election for the American president will be in Nevada on Tuesday.

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