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US Senate validates budget deal and avoids paralysis

Photo: J. Scott Applewhite Associated Press Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer (above) hailed Friday as a “big step” toward passing a full budget for the year.

Frankie Taggart – Agence France-Presse in Washington

8:43 p.m.

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American senators validated an agreement on the budget on Friday evening, thus avoiding the partial paralysis of the federal administration and making it possible to take a step towards finalizing the budget for the year 2024 after months of divisions.

The US$467.5 billion package was approved by both parties, despite disagreement among several Republicans over certain spending.

This green light, which includes half of the 12 laws to be adopted for the year 2024, allows a whole range of agencies and ministries to continue to operate, such as agriculture, commerce , justice, science, environment, housing and transportation, until the end of the financial year, September 30.

Without this last-minute agreement, these administrations would have been shut down in what the United States calls a “shutdown” .

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer hailed a “big step” toward passing a comprehensive budget for the year.

“To those who fear that divided governance means nothing ever gets done, this bipartisan package says otherwise: It helps parents, veterans, firefighters, farmers, school lunches and many other things,” he added.

The bill had already been adopted on Wednesday by the House of Representatives, the most critical step because elected officials from the most right-wing fringe of Republicans, close to Donald Trump, had until now managed to block the process.

Other half

Conservatives considered some spending excessive, among other things, citing $1 million for an environmental justice center in New York, $4 million for a waterfront boardwalk in New Jersey, and $3.5 million for an American Thanksgiving parade in Michigan.

“American taxpayers should not be used as a political piggy bank,” said Florida Republican Sen. Rick Scott.

The package also includes budget cuts of up to 10% for certain federal agencies that are in the crosshairs of Republicans, such as the FBI or the Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA).

The budget “imposes deep cuts” on these agencies, “which, under the Biden administration, have threatened our freedoms and our economy,” said Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson .

The other half of the budget, which includes sensitive subjects, such as the military or border security, was postponed in a second envelope which should reach President Joe Biden's desk by on March 22.

So far, budgetary paralysis has been avoided, but each time at the last minute. To compensate for the lack of an agreement on an annual budget, Congress had to operate through a series of mini-laws to extend the budget by a few days, weeks or months.

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