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User of a Model Y, I discovered (too quickly) the hell of Tesla repairs

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Important: This article reflects personal experience. Many users of Tesla vehicles testify to impeccable follow-up and a satisfactory experience with repairs. This story is that of a user who experienced a particular situation, which can in no way reflect a generality.

In November 2023, I took the plunge. Finished the thermal car, I decided to switch to electric. The conditions were met: I was going to move to a house in the countryside with the possibility of recharging my vehicle at home, the rental contract for my previous vehicle was ending, the sales/rental offers were interesting, the always advantageous ecological bonus. After months of reflection and discussion with Tesla vehicle owners, I made the decision to also turn to the American manufacturer.

Why Tesla ? For the safety of vehicles often first in crash tests (important for the father of a young 2-year-old boy), for the integrated technology ( we won't do it again), for the excellent autonomy and, above all, for the network of Superchargers making long trips much more comfortable. The price also came into play: the LLD offer offered by Tesla on the Model Y last year was unbeatable for a vehicle in this range. So much for context.

The little careless mistake

User of a Model Y, I discovered (too quickly) the hell of Tesla repairs

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Model Ys are comfortable and easy to drive vehicles. However, they have a small flaw: the rear of the vehicle is slightly wider than the front, which can lead to errors in judging the size. I paid the price on several occasions during slot attempts which ended with the embellishment rubbing a little on the sidewalk. Nothing dramatic.

At the beginning of April, I was much less lucky. Arriving at a parking lot, I see at the last moment a pothole on the right side of the road, very close to the sidewalk. I avoid it with the front part of the vehicle but the left rear wheel does not escape it. Result: flat tire instantly.

I contact my insurance who offers to repatriate the vehicle to any garage that can handle the repair. So far, everything is going smoothly. The choice of garage then became a real obstacle course.

There's stress, no Point S

User of a Model Y, I discovered (too quickly) the hell of Tesla repairs

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I first contacted the major national brands (Norauto, Feu Vert, Point S, Midas etc.) close to my place of accident (and residence). None had a tire available. I then thought that my location in the provinces posed a problem. “Partly” answered my interlocutors, but not only that. The real problem I asked for lies in the unusual size of the tire I am looking for. The tire dimensions of a Tesla Model Y are rare, garages do not ;#8217;so never (or very rarely) take them in stock.

Sorry, we don't do electric. – Large brand specializing in tires –

So I asked them what the deadlines were for receiving a tire. Answer: around ten days in the best case. Impossible to be without my vehicle for so long. So I tried to contact tire specialists. One of them, whose activity is 100% devoted to tires, replied: “sorry, we don't do electric”. Surprised, I asked to repeat to make sure it wasn't a joke or a limitation to Tesla vehicles . Second answer “I’said that we don't put tires on electrics”.

An unexpected savior

User of a Model Y, I discovered (too quickly) the hell of Tesla repairs

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Resigned, I try a search on the web, on Tesla vehicle owner forums. During the discussions, I found the link to a community site listing specialist Tesla garages. Stroke of luck (well a little!), a garage 10 km from my accident site repairs the Tesla (Garage Mouret in Bacouel -sur-Selle, near Amiens). I call it: “I'll see what I can do, but usually it's three days.< /em> Still better than ten.

A few minutes later, the mechanic explains to me that the delays will be longer. He offers me an unexpected solution: “listen, order a tire on a site like Allopneu or 123pneus, they are very reliable and make express deliveries. Have all this delivered to my garage and I'll fit you the tire ”. Saved!

When returning my car, the mechanic noticed that the rim was slightly cracked. Clearly, no luck. I can already see the bill increasing (a Model Y rim costs on average 500 euros) after the almost 300 euros for the tire. Another stroke of luck , a young company (RMP Jantes) specializing in the making and repair of rims set up two years earlier two streets further down. She offers to repair my rim. The planets finally align.

I will pass on the details of the extended delivery times due to the Easter weekend (bad luck when you have us). Five days later, I picked up my Tesla Model Y with my rim redone and the tire installed. The Garage Mouret charged me 30 euros for installing the tire, without any security fees. “It’these things are a thug thing” the mechanic replied to me when I told him& #8217;I asked about this subject. Cost of rim repair: 70 euros.

After hell, paradise. “A Tesla repair center is planned in the area soon” Mr Mouret announced to me. So much the better for the others, I found my mechanic.

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