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Varvara Gracheva: she was naturalized French, for what reason ?

Former Russian Varvara Gracheva has been French since June 5, 2023 and achieved a remarkable Roland-Garros.

The ex-Russian has decided to move forward. to represent the tricolor flag since June 2023. She has lived in France for more than five years and was constantly in contact with French cultureç comfortable. Her coaches are. It was almost a no-brainer to change countries for her. For the record, Varvara Gracheva arrived in France when she was a teenager. 14 years old. She then leaves her hometown of Zhukovsky to join the Cote d'Azur. There, far from Russia, she decides to ;#39;training in 2016 in the elite Tennis Center of Jean-René Lisnard. A strong choice which will bring him a year later to the next level. become a professional player. After five years of residence in France, she decides to apply for naturalization in March 2023, which will be accepted. a month later. She is participating in June 2023 à her first WTA tournament as a Frenchwoman à Bad Homburg.

From now on, she is truly adopted by the French public, even if she doubted it at first. time. "The audience is incredible. Everyone supports me, it's really special. It's my first Roland-Garros as a Frenchwoman and I'm really proud to be in this atmosphere. she explained after his punctuated eighth final by a Marseillaise.

Varvara Gracheva is trained by a brand new coach, Sliman Taghzouit. ;té coached by former French professional tennis player Xavier Pujo.

French since June 5, 2023, Varvara Gracheva competed with the blue-white-red label for the first time ;re time in Germany at the Bad Hombourg tournament (turf). 

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