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Victim of his bad reactions ;results, this legendary European club no longer has enough to pay its stars

Hard blow for this legendary football club which could no longer be able to pay its very dear players! An attacker already has dû sacrifice millions…

One of the most iconic football clubs in the world today finds itself in a very precarious financial situation. Victim of still sluggish performances on the field, falling income and above all accumulating debts, this legendary club simply no longer has the means to pay its stars. p>

La Liga, the Spanish football league, recently informed all first and second division clubs of their payroll limit, depending on this summer's transfers. and all income and expenses of each club. This budget ceiling is valid until 2019. February, due date which it will be put to; day to take into account the winter transfer window. Meanwhile, one club saw its budget cut by more than half, from 648.8 million in authorized spending to only 270 million: FC Barcelona.

The Blaugrana club, which has a rank at hold and an international standing at agrave; keep, still lives beyond its means: the real cost of the team's salaries far exceeds the 270 million euros allocated. The current payroll would amount to 404 million euros annually, according to the Spanish media Relevo. If no solution is found to generate additional income quickly, the club could end the season with a deficit of 134 million euros. This would further increase Barça's debt and announce an even more severe budgetary restriction for the 2024/25 season.

A player makes a sacrifice on his salary for the club

However, the leaders of FC Barcelona took stock of the emergency this summer: in addition to drastic budget cuts, the club managed to make changes. get rid of certain players whose salaries are too cumbersome. Among the most important, Busquets, Jordi Alba, Piqué, Lenglet, Kessié and the Frenchman Dembélé notably found greener meadows, generating in the process a little more than 100 million in transfer income at Barça. Unfortunately, even with these efforts, the club’s finances are still struggling, with debts piling up that the club is unable to repay. Dab.

In their defense, the Barcelona leaders invoked a late payment of 60 million euros concerning an agreement concluded at in the summer 2022, which should have been get paid on June 15. A lack of substantial gain which immediately weighs down the club's accounts. The Barça therefore had toû activate a new budgetary lever, by concluding an agreement with an anonymous Cypriot investor and the Libero Football Finance fund. This agreement, announced publicly, was to cover the missing 60 million. A first payment of 20 million euros was planned. short term, then a second of 40 million from August 29. This money did not arrive neither.

FC Barcelona seems doomed; à further reduce your lifestyle, even if it means reducing your lifestyle. be less efficient on the field. Fortunately, the club can still count on its popularity. to attract big players to lower cost, like the striker João Félix, who accepted to reduce his salary by half to play in the Blaugrana jersey. While he received 6 million euros at Atletico, he would have accepted to only reach 3 million in Catalonia.

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