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VIDEO. Images of the attack on the prison van in Eure

The escape, to say the least incredible and bloodthirsty, of a detainee in the Eure, this Tuesday, May 14, was a major blow. filmed by the Incarville toll surveillance camera.

Around 11 o'clock, this Tuesday morning, at the Incarville toll gate in Eure, surveillance cameras and motorists who passed by were there. have been é witnesses to a scene of rare violence. A prison van was raided. attacked. First by a black ram car, which later turned out to have been hit. stolen, then, by several heavily armed individuals dressed in black. The attackers shot &agrav; numerous times, killing two of the prison officers and seriously injuring the other three. Two of them were still between life and death Tuesday afternoon. The goal of this macabre operation: the escape of the detainee who was being transported to prison. by this convoy: a certain Mohamed Amra, nicknamed "the Fly".

Unfavorably known to law enforcement and the judiciary, Mohamed Amra was imprisoned in prison. &agrav; the detention center of 'Evreux, hence' he had tried to two days earlier, Sunday, to escape by sawing the bars of his cell. Condemned last week for "burglary", the prisoner had recently been arrested. indicted in more serious cases which would undoubtedly have earned him heavier sentences if he had been convicted. found guilty. Tuesday morning, he returned from Rouen where, according to BFMTV, he had been arrested. heard in a case of attempted homicide. He is also indicted Marseille for intentional homicide, in a drug trafficking case. This Tuesday evening, while the Épervier plan wasé lifted At the beginning of the evening, the search continued. Mohamed Amra is still on the run with his accomplices. Hunting & the man continues.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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