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Villeneuve-Saint-Georges: the mayor makes a Nazi salute in full municipal council

The various right-wing mayor of Villeneuve-Saint-Georges, Philippe Gaudin, carried out a Nazi salute in front of the elected officials of his commune, Saturday April 20. The chosen one regrets a "quip".

A controversial gesture in the face of elected officials. The mayor (DVD) of Villeneuve-Saint-Georges (Val-de-Marne) Philippe Gaudin, carried out a Nazi salute in the middle of the municipal council, Saturday April 20, reports Le Parisien. It was during a session devoted to voting on the municipal budget, which was particularly tense. that the chosen one would have lost his temper. In a marked context; by the tensions for several months, some of the elected representatives of the majority have turned him the back. 

Accused having "made an alliance with the far right to take the city in 2020″, the mayor would have tried to to respond to opposition attacks. “I don't want to hear that here anymore, it's unbearable,'Philippe Gaudin got angry. I am giving you a warning and suspending the session,” he declared. to begin with. But when suspending the municipal council, he sends a Nazi salute à the room, shouting "Heil", according to the newspaper.

"We need to put this matter into perspective"

The dissident deputy of the majority, Emmanuelly Goougougnan-Zadigue, denounced an "unforgivable" attitude and announced that a complaint was going to be filed against the councilor. An opposition municipal councilor notably announced: "seize the prefect and the Prime Minister so that the mayor is dismissed". Louis Boyard, deputyé (Nupes) of the 3rd constituency of Val-de-Marne, rebelled. "Today, the mayor of Villeneuve-Saint-Georges made a Nazi salute in the municipal council. For two years, I have been alerting the prefect about the drama playing out in this city abandoned by its elected officials. A city that mistreats its residents. Gérald Darmanin, organize new éelections", wrote the deputyé.

Interviewé by BFMTV, the dile wants to defuse the controversy. “For me, it was more of a joke than anything else. I design everything à makes the gesture unfortunate. For me, we need to put this matter into perspective! This is not at all a gesture of belonging, the elected official said.

Teilor Stone

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