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Violence at school: serious incidents on the rise, almost half target teachers

Reports of serious incidents in French educational establishments in 2022-2023 are increasing compared to last year. the previous year, according to a report from the Ministry of National Education and Youth.

Figures that worry. The annual report of the Ministry of National Education and Youth on reports of "serious incidents" involving students, teachers or even parents in public schools and public and private middle and high schools under contracts for ;#39;year 2022-2023 was released in February 2024. Result: these famous reports for serious incidents are slightly increasing by report à last year.

Physical violence more marked in school

During the 2022-2023 school year, heads of secondary schools will public and private sectors; under contract declaredé on average 13.7 serious incidents per 1,000 students. A figure increasing compared to à last year: 12.3. An increase fueled in particular by colleges, whereù the number increases from 13.5 &agrav; almost 16 serious incidents reported for 1,000 students in one year.

"Attacks against people represent 89 % of serious incidents in public schools and 77 % in secondary education" the report said. Verbal violence accounts for 43% of all serious incidents, regardless of the type of establishment. Physical violence represents 40% of the total in schools. "They are less significant in middle and high schools (24%)" can we read in the information note from the ministry. 

Violence committed within the premises of the establishment in 80% of cases

Who commits these actions ? On this side? There, the figures speak for themselves. For every 100 serious incidents, 93 are committed by students or groups of students in middle and high schools, and 61 in schools. In the first level, 52% of incidents are committed against teaching staff, and 27% against students or groups of students. egrav;ves. In middle and high school, it is the students or groups of students who are targeted in 43% of serious incidents. Teaching staff are victims in 27% of cases.

Most often, these serious incidents are committed within the confines of the establishments. This is the case & 73% in the first degree and 81% in the second degree. Serious incidents which particularly take place in the classroom, 30% of serious incidents take place there in the first degree; and 33% for middle and high schools. Far ahead of the playground which concerns a quarter of serious incidents in public schools and a fifth of those in middle and high schools. ;eacute;es".

Racism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia and homophobia: growing concern

In the report produced by the ministry, a category of incidents raises particular alarm. This is that of serious incidents committed in middle and high schools motivated by racism, anti-semitism, xenophobia or homophobia. 8% of serious incidents are concerned, this is double compared to the previous year. last year (4%). In public schools, this figure is also increasing over one year, from 2% to 20%. 3%. The attacks à secularism represents 3% of serious incidents in the first degree; as in the second degree.

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