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Vision Pro: Apple's future (finally) has an official release date

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During the WWDC conference last June, Apple created a stir by announcing the upcoming arrival of a product that we expected more from the Cupertino company: its mixed reality headset, the Apple Vision Pro. A historic turning point for the company.

If we have known the price of the Apple Vision Pro headset for a while, and it stings, the mystery hovered over its launch date. Indeed, the Apple brand promised us its revolution from 2024. But no precise date had been indicated.

Since last summer, rumors have been rife. Apple was aiming for a launch in January 2024, but everything suggested that the firm was encountering some difficulties and that tech aficionados would have to wait a little longer. From Cupertino, the news has just fallen: the release of the Apple Vision Pro is imminent.

A few days to wait and that's it…

In an official press release, Apple announced the date that all fans of the brand were looking forward to. For those who dream of getting their hands on the Apple Vision Pro, and who have $3,499 to spend in this direction, this is good news.

Indeed, the headset Apple's mixed reality solution, the Vision Pro, will be officially available on February 2, 2024. Pre-orders for the Apple Vision Pro will open on January 19, 2024. For the moment, the Cupertino company is talking about a launch exclusively in the United States, in the Apple Store and online.

Tim Cook is categorical: “The era of spatial computing has arrived”. Apple is confident about the release of its new kind of headset. The manufacturer is not really talking about a virtual reality or augmented reality headset, but rather a “spatial computer” in its own right. The Apple Vision Pro aims to transform the way we work, collaborate, create, remember.

The launch of this mixed reality headset could well be a game-changer for Apple. This is a huge change for the Cupertino company which will offer a brand new product which promises to be a small technological revolution. It remains to be seen whether success will actually be achieved. It is true that its extremely high price (although partly justified) should put off more than one person… Despite some reluctance, the Apple Vision Pro could well represent the future. Verdict in a few days ?

  • L’Apple Vision Pro will be officially launched on the 2nd February 2024 in the United States
  • Pre-orders will open on January 19, 2024
  • It remains to be seen whether the success of this mixed reality headset will be there…

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