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VivaTech: what is Elon Musk doing in France this Wednesday

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Wednesday May 22, 2024 marks the start of VivaTech, the largest tech show in Europe &amp ;#8211; which is held at Porte de Versailles in Paris. The event is a unique opportunity to discover the latest innovations from French startups. All with an audience of investors, analysts, journalists. And the support of leading international personalities, interested in France as a market for developing new cutting-edge technologies.

The event lasts a total of three very intense but already essential days for small and medium-sized businesses who want to break into the market and gain global visibility. This year, the show will be mainly focused on artificial intelligence, and it is in this context that we learn that, for the second year in a row, Elon Musk will be one of the guests at brand at the show. Last year, the entrepreneur made a remarkable intervention – punctuated with shocking declarations such as he knows the secret.

Elon Musk returns to VivaTech for the second year in a row

He notably spoke of his dream of transforming the human species into a multiplanetary civilization, of lunar conquest – or even his then moratorium to take a “break” in AI. This year things are very different. In addition to ChatGPT, Gemini Advanced, Elon Musk also has a leading AI: Grok, integrated into the social network 𝕏 and which is characterized by more sarcasm and a greater propensity to answer somewhat borderline questions .

Grok has been available for a few days in France, subject to Premium+ subscription on 𝕏. We can therefore imagine that the boss with many hats will this time, on the contrary, come to talk about what makes his approach around AI so different – and defend his newfound optimism on the issue. Elon Musk will not be the only notable speaker at the show. It is indeed a question of the following personalities:

  • Arthur Mensch – co-founder and CEO of Mistral AI.
  • Dr. Werner Vogels – CTO of Amazon.com
  • Swami Sivasubramanian – Vice President of AI and Data at Amazon Web Services.
  • Yann LeCun – AI Scientific Director at Meta.
  • Eric Schmidt – ex CEO of Google.
  • Robin Li – CEO of Baidu.
  • Harley Finkelstein – president of Shopify.
  • John Kerry – Secretary of State of the United States of America.
  • Charles Michel – President of the Council of Europe.
  • Thierry Breton – European Commissioner.

As well as many other personalities whose list you can consult by visiting this link. A VivaTech and Wavestone barometer carried out in February 2024 indicates that 88% of business leaders plan to invest in AI by 2024.

  • VivaTech, Europe's largest tech show, will be held in Paris from May 22, 2024, with a particular focus on artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, will make his second consecutive appearance at VivaTech, likely to discuss his AI, Grok, recently launched in France.
  • Other high-profile figures from the world of technology and politics, including Arthur Mensch of Mistral AI, Yann LeCun of Meta and John Kerry, will also participate in the event.< /li>

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