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Vladimir Putin calls Anthony Rota an’idiot&raquo ;

Grigory Sysoyev Agence France-Presse Anthony Rota should have realized Yaroslav Hunka's past, argued Vladimir Putin.

Vladimir Putin on Thursday called the former Speaker of the House of Commons of Canada, Anthony Rota, an “idiot” who applauded a 98-year-old Ukrainian who fought in the SS in Parliament. during World War II.

This former Nazi fighter, Yaroslav Hunka, was applauded by Canadian parliamentarians, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and visiting Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, of Jewish faith, who were unaware of his past.


Faced with the scandal, Mr. Rota resigned from his position and Mr. Trudeau issued an apology.

Mr. Putin told an international forum on Thursday that Rota should have realized Yaroslav Hunka's past when he presented him as a Ukrainian who fought against the Russians in World War II.

“If the Speaker of the Canadian Parliament says that this Canadian-Ukrainian Nazi fought against the Russians, he cannot fail to realize that he fought on the side of Hitler, and not on the side of his own homeland, Canada,” Mr. Putin said at the international forum in Valdai, Russia.

“If he does not know that Hitler and his criminals fought against Russia during the war, he's an idiot,” he said.

“And if he knows that this man fought alongside Hitler and calls him a hero of Canada, he’s a scoundrel,” he added.

Russia justified its assault on Ukraine in particular by the desire to “denazify” its neighbor.

“ It's absolutely disgusting that everyone applauded this Nazi, especially the president of Ukraine, who has Jewish blood in his veins,” Mr. Putin continued.

“The president of Ukraine stood up and applauded a Nazi who murdered Jews. Isn’t this a sign of the Nazification of Ukraine? “, he added.

Ukrainian officials have not commented on the incident.

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