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VPN at work: why you should urgently equip yourself

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Initially developed in the 1990s for data protection purposes in a professional context, VPNs have since become widely available. Today many people use this software on a daily basis, whether to ensure their online security or to unblock all kinds of web content.

But what few users know is that VPNs are also essential at work. In this article, we will explain to you why, based on the operation of a renowned VPN publisher: CyberGhost.

CyberGhost for work

As we suggested in the introduction, VPNs are software initially dedicated to online security. And to ensure yours, CyberGhost goes all out. As soon as you activate the tool, it encrypts your connection end-to-end using a powerful algorithm. At the same time, it completely camouflages your IP address.

These two joint actions ensure your anonymity online, making your activity completely secret. And this is where CyberGhost becomes indispensable in your workplace: with this tool, even your employer will not be able to spy on what you do online. This discretion is therefore very appreciable.

But that's not the only security benefit provided by CyberGhost. Indeed, by protecting your connections with the software, the documents and information that pass through it will be protected against the risks of hacking or even espionage. Your professional data will therefore be safe.

Even more: CyberGhost allows you to modify your virtual location. This way, for example, you will be able to access your documents and online workspaces even if you travel, without worrying about possible geographic blocks.

In addition, CyberGhost adapts to all your connected devices (computers, tablets, smartphones, but also Smart TV, connected box or even router). So you can equip all your office devices to always be covered, especially since 7 simultaneous connections are allowed on each subscription.

And the icing on the cake is an exceptional promotion from the supplier. Indeed, . You therefore have the possibility of subscribing for 26 months at the rate of €56.94, which ultimately only amounts to €2.19 per month.

Other advantages of the tool

CyberGhost is very beneficial for your work, but not only that. In your personal life too, it will prove very useful. First of all, know that the security provided by the tool is valid on all networks. You will therefore be just as well protected at home, in order to preserve your private information online.

Moreover, the publisher applies a strict zero logs policy, which was even confirmed by an external audit. So you have nothing to fear for your confidentiality. Concerning bypassing geoblocks then, note that CyberGhost also allows it in other areas.

We are thinking in particular of streaming, online gaming or downloading torrents, activities for which the publisher has optimized servers. And since we are talking about CyberGhost servers, know that there are more than 10,000 of them and that they are located in 100 different countries.

They can therefore provide you with an IP in each of these territories in order to change your perceived location online and unblock content from the country even without being there. In addition, CyberGhost has very good speeds, for smooth browsing in all circumstances (the fastest VPNs here).

And if you ever have questions about using the tool, don't worry, it's very simple. In case of problems, 24/7 support is even at your disposal to ensure you are never blocked. And all of this, let's remember, is available at a bargain price at the moment.

CyberGhost is offering an immediate 82% discount as well as 2 months free on its 2-year plan. Thus, the 26 months of subscription only costs €56.94, or the equivalent of €2.19 per month. Don't hesitate, you will have 45 days to test the tool and be refunded if you change your mind.

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