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Want a movie outing ? Here are the 4 films to see this weekend

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It’s now our weekend tradition. It's time to take stock of the new cinematographic releases that have reached cinemas in France in order to give you ideas if you want to go out to the cinema. If you have already seen Priscilla, Wonka or Vermins and these films don't interest you that much, good news: there are some extremely exciting new releases this new weekend.

On the program this week ? What could well be the film of the year (already!), a chilling thriller, a poetic animated film and a phenomenon straight from Japan. You will have understood, there is something for everyone. Here we go!

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The year is off to an extremely good start. Among the films that we couldn't wait to discover, Poor Creatureswas at the top of our list. Good news: already rewarded on several occasions, the new film by Yórgos Lánthimos has just been released in French cinemas.

Eccentric scientist Godwin Baxter brings young Bella back to life after her suicide attempt. With the brain of a newborn, but sporting the body of a young woman, Bella is a creature that is far from monstrous, the polar opposite of Frankenstein's monster. Candid and endearing, the woman-child displays a thirst for learning, an insatiable desire to discover and know the world. Eager for freedom, Bella wants to have her own experiences. She follows Duncan Wedderburn across Europe, a smooth talker who promises her many wonders. Then begins a poignant colorful odyssey.

Totally detached from the prejudices and social conventions of her time, Bella finds herself confronted with the “real world” and her condition as a woman. So, Poor Creatures offers a raw, harsh, and rightly captivating initiatory story.

Not content with delivering us a dreamlike fable on human nature, Poor Creatures benefits from vibrant and captivating photography, a setting in an intelligent and original scene as well as remarkable sets and costumes. Awarded the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival and two Golden Globes, Poor Creatures could well be the film of the year. Emma Stone delights us in one of her best roles yet. Our advice for the weekend? Go and see Poor Creatures.

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For fans of animation and adventures, Krisha and the Master of the Forest is the film to see this weekend. In the heart of the Siberian tundra, Krisha sets off in search of a mysterious bear with red eyes to help her sick mother. Accompanied by his little brother Kolya, Krisha embarks on an ambitious adventure with many challenges.

Krisha and the Master of the Forestis entirely done in stop-motion, which is truly remarkable. This cinematic choice is enough to amaze spectators, young and old. The press reveals an average rating of 3.6 out of 5 on AlloCiné.

The Red Roomsexplores many people's morbid interest and curiosity in serial killers. The feature film summons us to the Montreal courthouse, where the highly publicized trial of the man nicknamed the Demon of Rosemont is taking place. Two young women, Kelly-Anne and Clémentine, attend every day the trial of this assassin who exhibited his murders to the highest bidders live on the dark web. Both are fascinated by the trial and try to get their hands on the final piece of the puzzle… Without ever showing extreme scenes, Les Chambres Rouges succeeds in chilling the blood of spectators.

Terrifying and fascinating, Les Chambres Rouges is a psychological thriller that viewers will remember. On AlloCiné, the press gave it an average rating of 3.5 out of 5 while the public was even more enthusiastic with a rating of 3.9.

Last month, Godzilla Minus One was entitled to a limited (but intense) broadcast in cinemas in France. Sure enough, the Japanese feature film was released on December 7 and 8, 2023, and that’s it. But given the success of the film, in France and elsewhere, Godzilla Minus One is finally offered extensions here. And that’s good.

Thus, latecomers will be able to (re)discover Godzilla Minus Oneuntil January 31, 2024. It would be a real shame to miss this phenomenon. The feature film invites us into post-war Japan. As the population does its best to get back on its feet and rebuild, a new threat emerges in the form of a giant monster nicknamed Godzilla. The visual effects of Godzilla Minus One are impressive, so much so that it is included in the 10 films shortlisted in the Best Special Effects category at the 2024 Oscars.

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