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War in Gaza: Joe Biden threatens to suspend arms deliveries to Israel

In an interview grantedé à CNN, Wednesday May 8, Joe Biden, for the first time, asked conditions for military support grantedé à Israelël. The American president thus announced: that he would no longer deliver weapons in the event thatù the city of Rafah would be the subject of a ground attack by Israel.

Joe Biden puts pressure on Israel. In an interview with the CNN channel, the American president warned his Israeli counterpart about the delivery of certain weapons, in particular "artillery shells" in the event of a major offensive & Raffah. A statement from Washington which is today the primary military supporter of the Jewish state. "If'they enterà Rafah, I will not hand over to them the weapons that have always been theirs. used (…) against cities", explainedé Joe Biden.

This is the first time that the Democratic president é of 81 years, publicly sets conditions for military support from the United States to Israelël. "Civilians wereé you are à Gaza à because of these bombs. “It’s bad,” he explained.

An "anti-terrorist operation" carried out & Raffah

While the Israeli army announced Wednesday on Telegram to carry out an "anti-terrorist operation" in several specific areas of Rafah, in the south of the Gaza Strip, Joe Biden estimated that the latter did not affect “population centers”. Thus, for the latter, this military operation is not considered as a major action which requires a reaction from the States -United. "I said it clearly " Bibi (Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, editor's note and in the war cabinet, they will not have our support if they really enter the population centers), said again explained the American president.

A position far from satisfying on the sideé Israeli. Thus, Gilad Erdan, the ambassador of Israel ëagrave; The UN considers this decision “very harsh”. hear" and "disappointing", reports BFMTV. "It is quite clear that any pressure on Israel, any restriction imposed on it, even from ;#39;close allies concerned about our interests, is interpreted by our enemies, giving them at the same time of "hope", he added.

For several days, Benjamin Netanyahu has been threatening to launch a ground operation on the city of Rafah, & the very place where hiding the last battalions of Hamas which had attacked Israel on October 7. However, the city also has a large proportion of civilians whose number is estimated to be à 1.4 million, the majority of them war displaced persons.

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