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War in Ukraine: French soldiers facing Russia ? “Nothing is excluded” for Macron

Emmanuel Macron recalledé the objective of not letting Russia win in Ukraine and ensuring that "everything is possible" to achieve this goal, including sending French troops. But for now nothing is official.

"We will do whatever it takes to ensure that Russia cannot win this war”. Emmanuel Macron displayed the objective of the French commitment to Ukraine, which has been at war for two years. And the head of state said he was ready to do so. deploy "whatever is necessary" and "as long as is necessary” to achieve this. Including armed forces troops ? "There is no consensus today to send officially, assumed& carried and endorsed by ground troops. But in dynamics nothing should be excluded, he replied on the evening of Monday February 26, the outcome of the international conference in support of Ukraine.

Emmanuel Macron therefore opens the door to the possible sending of troops to Ukraine, ensuring that this "haséeé &eac;mentionedé among the options", but he did not clearly state' France's position on this issue and assumed an "ambiguousïté strategic". Still, the simple act of mentioning the option, which had never before been considered an option. envisaged by France, is already in place. a first step in this direction. The position of the President of the Republic has beené supported by the Prime Minister who this Tuesday, February 27 from the Agricultural Show also estimated that '"nothing can be excluded in a war" which takes place "in the heart of Europe".

A war between Europe and Russia ?

The sending of ground troops is still a matter of debate between Ukraine's allied countries, as indicated by Ukraine. the President of the Republic. Some reluctance could be explained by the fear of entering into open war against Russia, but on this point Emmanuel Macron insisted. reassure and &agrav; remind that Ukraine's allies are "not at war with the Russian people", their only mission is "not to let them win in Ukraine".

France has always been clear on its position à regarding Russia and its participation in the Ukraine's war effort by saying it supports the country without becoming a belligerent in the conflict. By sending armed troops, the head of state would return to this posture, unless the troops deployed in Ukraine are composed of instructors rather than soldiers intended to serve in Ukraine. go to the front. Emmanuel Macron did not give  details on the profile of the troops that could be sent. In any case, the President's statements are extremely precise and extremely rare. explains geopolitics specialist and former colonel Peer De Jong on franceinfo : "Europe has never committed itself, at least verbally, in this way to . […] We see that France is taking the lead in this kind of construction game, in any case of a Europe of defense ." For him, Emmanuel Macron's speech is a “message clearly addressed” to the Russians.

Would France be ready for this? send armed troops to Ukraine without a similar military commitment from other European countries allied with Ukraine ? The head of the #39;State has not decided and was happy to recall that within Europe "each country is sovereign, its armed force is sovereign,  […] no one can engage another country to do what is right to it. However, he estimated that that in this "war which determines our future" as Europeans, the countries of Europe and therefore France must play their part.

Le Pen and Mélenchon rebel

Emmanuel Macron's statement did not go unnoticed and did not fail to make a statement. to make its competitors react to the last presidential election. Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the first, opposed &agrav; the possible sending of French troops to Ukraine. "Sending troops to Ukraine would make us belligerents. War against Russia would be madness. This belligerent verbal escalation of one nuclear power against another major nuclear power is already a serious one. an irresponsible act,” he judged. on the maneuver. And the rebellious added: "It is high time to negotiate peace in Ukraine with security clauses' mutual!"

Marine Le Pen also got carried away with X after the speech by Emmanuel Macron who "plays the war leader&quot ; : "I don't know if everyone realizes the seriousnessé of such a declaration. Emmanuel Macron plays the war leader, but it is the lives of our children that he speaks about with such carelessness. It's peace or war in our country that is at stake."

Teilor Stone

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