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War in Ukraine: Macron defends “no limits” and targets the opposition

Opposition leaders say they emerged worried from their meeting with the head of state this Thursday, March 7. Some accuse Emmanuel Macron of being irresponsible by not setting "no limits" in support of France à Ukraine.

Emmanuel Macron and the leaders of the opposition parties are unanimous on France's support for Ukraine, but not everyone adheres to it. the logic of the President of the Republic to go as far as necessary. The meeting organized at at the Elysée this Thursday March 7 to present the conclusions of the international conference concerning the amplification of military aid granted to France. Ukraine meeting held last week does not seem to have made it possible to move the discussions forward. The head of state reaffirmed that the fact that there would be "no limits in the support' Ukraine" face &agrav; his interlocutors as indicated by franceinfo, seeming to confirm his remarks made at the end of February regarding a possible sending of troops to Ukrainian soil.

The idea of ​​military aid of up to the sending of reinforcements to Ukraine had already not been made did not obtain the support of the oppositions. However, Emmanuel Macron held the position he has been defending for several days, insisting on the "need for a start" face &agrav; Russian aggression. But political leaders reiterated their wish not to cross certain red lines.

Macron accusedé to lose one's "coolness"

"There are no limits and no red lines. I think that France's role is to set red lines. From the moment when ù we are considering sending French soldiers (…) & a nuclear power like Russia, I think it's irresponsible and extremely dangerous, reacted the president of the National Rally, Jordan Bardella , in front of the press à the outcome of the meeting. Marine Le Pen's foal went to Paris up to 'à describe a head of state losing his "coolness" and “go to war”. At Les Républicains we are also opposed to too active aid which would bring France into the conflict, out of the question of becoming “co-belligerents”; in the opinion of Eric Ciotti.

The absence of limits has also given rise to concerns among leaders of the left, including the national secretary of the environmentalist EELV party, Marine Tondelier, or the coordinator of La France insoumise, Manuel Bompard. quot;I come away with even more concerns because the President of the Republic does not really seem to understand the risk that could pose for France, but “for the world in general, a stubbornness in this military path”, declared the rebellious elected official regretting that Emmanuel Macron does not open the way to "diplomatic solutions".

A meeting for nothing ?

With such divergent opinions, no consensus on the famous limits of French engagement with Ukraine has been achieved. found by the admission of Jordan Bardella and Fabien Roussel. "Our subject of divergence is the means that we put" to come to the aid of the country invaded by Russia in February 2022 explained the national secretary of the French Communist Party who believes that "without red lines" there is only "war as the only horizon" on X.

The discussions between Emmanuel Macron and political leaders were therefore not carried out. fruitful and they could have been é parasitic by electoral ambitions according to the fears expressed by Eric Ciotti on ;quot; &agrav; the approach of the European elections. Whether his suspicions are well-founded or not, the deputy des Alpes-Maritimes asked itself the question of "the usefulness& of this meeting. A review already available heard after the Saint-Denis Meetings between the President of the Republic and the leaders of the opposition who inspired the movement. the format of the March 7 meeting.

The subject of French aid çaise à Ukraine therefore remains open after meetings between Emmanuel Macron and his predecessors François Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy on Wednesday evening and with the oppositions this THURSDAY. The extent of the aid and the support strategy could be decided on March 12 and 13 during a conference. bats and a vote organized in Parliament, & the National Assembly first and in the Senate the next day.

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