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War in Ukraine: US aid of $61 billion validated, what real impact for kyiv ?

The US Senate adopted an aid package of 61 billion dollars intended for Ukraine. It will allow the rapid shipment of new ammunition.

The American Senate has validated this Tuesday, April 23, 2024 an envelope of 61 billion dollars to help Ukraine against the Russian army. It is the fruit of long months of negotiations. "Finally, finally, finally. Tonight, after more than six months of hard work, and many twists and turns, America sends a message to the whole world: we will not turn our backs on you. ; welcomed the leader of the Democrats in the Senate, Chuck Schumer. The Republican leader in Congress ended up supporting the resumption of aid: "I prefer to send ammunition to ; Ukraine that send our boys to fight.

Weapons sent "this week"

Interrupted for several weeks, American military assistance should therefore resume almost immediately, within "the coming days" saidé Tuesday the Pentagon spokesperson. "This vote reinforces America's role as a beacon of democracy and leader of the free world" reacted Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on X (formerly Twitter). For his part, the President of the United States, Joe Biden announced that he was going to promulgate the text. "I will sign this bill and address the American people as soon as it hits my desk tomorrow (Wednesday), so that we can begin' ;agrave; send weapons and equipment to Ukraine this week" he said.

Long-range munitions and missiles

If this aid plan of 61'billion euros validated' by the United States constitutes fundamental psychological aid for Ukrainian heads, it is, à without a doubt, a significant military reinforcement in the war between kyiv and Moscow. "Shells, ammunition, long-range missiles, anti-aircraft defense missiles will arrive" explains the political scientist and historian specializing in the United States, Nicole Bacharan in the columns of franceinfo.

"This will mainly be stocks of artillery ammunition, which The Ukrainians lacked to face the Russian attacks. Certain batteries, certain cannons could only fire five or six shots each day" specifies the historian Cédric Mas, still on franceinfo. On the other hand, it is unlikely to see thousands of people landing on Ukrainian soil ;combat aircraft.

27 billion euros for the purchase of weapons

The total amount of blocked aid initially consists of $23 billion intended for replace American weapons and stocks that go to Ukraine. Then, $27 billion will finance the purchase of weapons for Ukraine. Finally, nearly $10 billion will constitute non-military aid according to Ukrainian media Hromadske. The delivery of ammunition thanks to à American aid could enable this to happen. kyiv "maybe take more risks on the front, because, until then, à Every time he was in a difficult situation, he preferred to give up. conceded by Cédric Mas. 

Strategically, as indicated by General J&rôme Pellistrandi at franceinfo, "the munitions of& ;#39;artillery, including the Hilares rocket launchers which allow firing in depth, and of course everything related to the artillery. &agrav; ground-air defense" has become an absolute emergency for Ukraine, particularly since the blocking of American aid in Congress, and the diversion of part of this aid to Israel since October 7, 2023, which has therefore not benefited from this aid to Israel since October 7, 2023. &agrav; kyiv. The delivery of these munitions could help improve the defense of Ukrainian territory, an area difficult to attack. defend in particular against aerial attacks, due to its size.


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