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We have good news for those who still use that old iPhone

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Although the iPhone 12 is now an older model, it is still very popular around the world, especially in the used smartphone market (a market dominated by Apple). And for those who use an iPhone 12 or another device in the same series, we have good news: it seems that Apple has quietly updated the iPhone 12 so that it -It supports the Qi2 wireless charging standard, a new feature that is already available on newer models.

A plug in unofficial charge

Apple makes no mention of the arrival of Qi2 on the iPhone 12. But according to a series of tests carried out by the Macworld site, after the iOS 17.4 update, the iPhone 12 would be able to benefit from wireless charging fast to 15W on chargers that are not MagSafe certified, but Qi2. Why is this important? If iPhone is compatible with Qi2, it charges optimally both with MagSafe magnetic chargers, designed for Apple products, and with Qi2 magnetic chargers which also work with Android .

Macworld explains that this was informed by a reader, who recharged an iPhone 12 with a Belkin Qi2 certified magnetic charger. Then, the site verified the info by charging an iPhone 12 Pro Max with an Anker Qi2 MagGo wireless charger. Charging speed was comparable to a MagSafe-certified wireless charger.

Qi2: a magnetic charging standard for all smartphones

As a reminder, Qi2 is the new wireless charging standard from the Wireless Power Consortium, of which Apple is a member a member. Moreover, the Cupertino company collaborated with this consortium to develop Qi2, which explains the similarities between Qi2, the new standard, and MagSafe, Apple's proprietary standard.

< p>The advantage of Qi2 is that it allows accessory manufacturers to develop wireless chargers that are both compatible with the iPhone and with new Android smartphones that will adopt the standard.

  • Apple already offers the Qi2 standard on the iPhone 13, iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 series
  • On the other hand, officially, the iPhone 12 does not support this standard from the Wireless Power Consortium
  • However, according to Macworld, the Cupertino company has discreetly updated the iPhone 12 so that it can also benefit from Qi2 magnetic wireless charging
  • As a reminder, Qi2 is a technology similar to MagSafe, but which is also compatible with Android smartphones that adopt this standard

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