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We were at Eddy de Pretto's Olympia concert, this is what his Crash Coeur Tour looks like

For two evenings, in a full Olympia à cracked, Eddy de Pretto defended his latest album, “Crash Cœur”, before going on tour.

"Paris, welcome to the Crash Cœur Tour!" : it is 9 p.m. this Tuesday April 16, 2024 when Eddy de Pretto appears on stage, à l'Olympia, for its second Parisian concert. In front of a full house & crack, already heated é white, it reveals its brand new scenography, designed to highlight "the generous and human aspect of' 39;a live show" : its "own advertising billboard", symbol of our consumer societies, i.e. a giant screen mounted on the wall. on a metal structure and behind it, a peaceful mountain landscape at sunrise or sunset.

On stage, everything comes together, almost without interruption. For more than an hour and a half, he plays songs from his latest album, Crash Coeur, but also older ones, like Cr&eacute ;teil Soleil, Bateaux-Mouches, and obviously its two indisputable hits, Kid and Fête too much, the opportunity to swap your white marcel jeans for a dazzling black & glitter.

With impeccable scenography, Eddy de Pretto has fun with his image, filmed sometimes by a drone circling around him, performing songs and dance steps with aplomb, facing each other. a definitively won over audience. The only downside, if one was necessary, was the absence of musicians, relegated to & agrave; a retransmission on the giant screen, the audience not knowing for sure if they are playing live or if the performance is recorded.

Including when Eddy de Pretto joins them, therefore appearing in image, to sing What's the point, a song which earned him homophobic attacks on social networks and the conviction of eleven of his cyberstalkers in December 2022.

We were at Eddy de Pretto's Olympia concert, this is what his Crash Coeur Tour looks like

Eddy de Pretto on the Olympia stage, April 16, 2024 ©┬áLucie Valais

"You will still be there when I'm 60 ?"

Eddy de Pretto, now in his thirties, is gaining momentum. Just like his voice, still just as accurate and recognizable, but more assertive Again. Including à capella, à several times, as at the opening of the concert with a version of his single Love'n'Tendresse or a cover of < em>Emergency 911 in piano voice to close it. An appointment has been made for the artist's next Parisian date: December 6   the AccorArena, the biggest date – for the moment – of his career.

For now, Eddy de Pretto thanks his audience at length for following him since 2016, date à which he had posted his first song on YouTube, Fête de trop, which would become one of his hits. "You will still be there “When I'm 60?,” he says. And the public, with one voice, responded positively, certain that with Eddy de Pretto, the Festival will never be too much.

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