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West Indies: 1.4 tonnes of cocaine seized off the coast of Martinique on a fishing boat

A new seizure of cocaine was made. carried out on May 22 by the armed forces in the Antilles. 1.14 tonnes of cocaine could be intercepted, bringing the number of seizures to three in the space of three weeks.

New seizure in the Antilles. The French Navy seized nearly 1.4 tons of cocaine from a fishing vessel off the coast of Martinique, officials said. ;eacute; Friday May 31, the Armed Forces in the Antilles (FAA). This is what it is all about. of the third such seizure within three weeks. The operation, which was carried out carried out on May 22 by the crew of the frigate Ventôse was carried out on May 22 by the crew of the frigate Ventôse. made possible thanks to à Several reports from the British National Crime Agency (NCA) and the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) indicated the FAA in a press release.

63 bales and four loaves of cocaïne

After detecting à with the help of a Falcon 50 aircraft low down in Guyana of the French National Navy, the soldiers of the frigate Ventôse were able to carry out "& the boarding of the fishing vessel without a flag, reports Le Parisien. À Inside the latter, the agents managed to find out. seize 63 bales and four blocks of cocaine for a total cargo of 1,472 kilos.

This new seizure by the armed forces brings three the number of seizures made over the last three weeks. On Monday, May 27, the FAA had already announced: the seizure on May 15 of nearly 2.4 tons of cocaine on a fishing vessel vénézu& ;eacute;link locatedé à 1 500 kilometers from the Martinique coasts. On May 1, 1.8 tons of drugs were also released. intercepted on a speedboat type boat not far from Saint-Martin.

Particularly intense in the Antilles-Guyana arc, drug seizures by the armed forces have been increasing in recent times. Indeed, traffickers are seeking to transport ever more narcotics from South America towards the European continent or the ;United States. In all, these are already; 14 tons of stupefying products which have already been destroyed. été seized since the start of the year, compared to 11 tonnes in 2023.

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