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What are these 3 big new features for future Apple Watches?

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If Apple is today the leader in the connected watch market, it is because it has made health and well-being functions a priority. And for future Apple Watches, the firm is preparing brand new health functions likely to have a significant impact on users' lives. The Apple Watches in circulation already have a range of sensors to monitor the oxygen level in the blood, for ECG, etc. But according to a new rumor, Apple is preparing other sensors to offer new health functions.

1 – Blood pressure monitoring

In a recent article, Bloomberg discusses Apple's ambitions in the health field, as well as the features that the firm could offer on future models. And among these features under development would be blood pressure monitoring. This update could even land on the new 2024 models.

Initially, Apple would only offer a monitoring system that alerts the user when there is an upward trend in their blood pressure. Thus, the Apple Watch would not give precise data, but would simply alert the user, to advise them to go see a doctor. But later, Apple could develop a real blood pressure monitor integrated into the Apple Watch.

2 – Sleep apnea detection

The Bloomberg article also mentions a sleep apnea detection feature that could arrive on Apple Watches in 2024. In essence, the Cupertino company's technology would analyze the user's sleeping habits, as well as their breathing, to determine if he has sleep apnea.

3 – Blood sugar monitoring

For a while now, different sources have been talking about the development of a system for monitoring blood sugar levels. And apparently, this project is still alive. As with blood pressure, the system imagined by Apple would not give precise data on blood sugar levels, but it would be able to alert the user if there is a significant fluctuation. And unlike blood pressure tracking and sleep apnea tracking, this feature wouldn't arrive for a long time.

No Apple Watch for Android

Otherwise, the Bloomberg article also mentions a project that could have made Apple Watches compatible with Android. In essence, the firm would have already assigned engineers to this compatibility. The project would have already been almost completed, but Apple would have finally changed its mind for commercial reasons.

Compatibility with Android would have allowed Android to gain new market share. On the other hand, users would no longer have been forced to buy an iPhone to take advantage of the health functions of the Apple Watch.

But as usual, this information should be considered with extreme caution , since they do not come from an official source.

  • Health monitoring remains a priority for Apple
  • And this one would prepare a blood pressure monitoring function, as well as a sleep apnea detection functionality for the Apple Watch
  • A blood glucose sensor (blood sugar level) would also be in the works tips, but it would not arrive in 2024
  • Otherwise, Apple would have already considered making the Apple Watch compatible with Android, before changing its mind

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